Women Inside is a beauty blog written and edited by me, Anastasia. This blog is dedicated to beauty, makeup and all these things that make us, women, feel good about. 

The whole idea behind makeup and products, is not to mask the natural and pure beauty of a woman's face, but just enhance the best features. Through this website you will be in touch with the latest makeup trends, product reviews (not the paid ones), product giveaways and personal preferences on products and brands.

Keep in mind, this website is against animal testing. One of my main aims is to inform as many consumers as possible about this practice and spread the word about how cruel some companies can be when it comes to animal testing. Hence, you will not find here products from huge cosmetic companies that conduct animal testing, such as L'oreal, Maybelline, Garnier and other companies. 
Please check my Animal Testing page for more info about that.

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