Oct 22, 2014

Perfect Brows Without Much Effort

It is a fact women struggle with their eyebrows. I mean the struggle is real! Look around you! Brows are a problem when you have absolutely no idea how to care for them.

So, since a picture says more than words...


1. Comb upwards so you will find these super long hairs.

2. Cut everything that sticks out.

3. Pluck the half-grown hairs.

4. Pluck the ingrown hairs or the tiny ones with small tweezers.

5-7) Check the shape of the brows.

8. Fill with powder or pencil.

What colour?

For brunettes find a product 2 shades lighter than your hair colour. 
Make sure you avoid browns with heavy red undertones. 

For blondes 2 shades darker than your hair colour and stay close to ash-soft browns.