Sep 27, 2014

Review: Benefit Fake Up Concealer

If you have already found your HG concealer then... congrats! I'm still in the hunt for that amazing undereye concealer which will brighten my eyes, but it will not make me look like Selena in this picture :

So my most recent purchace is this lovely product

As i was just browsing through Sephora i saw that Benefit had a 25% Off Sale. So i ended up with a new concealer! (YAY!). 

This is one of the latest releases from Benefit. I used to love the Erase Paste as an undereye concealer, as it was really moisturising and went on forever. But it was a bit too thick for my liking lately. 

The whole idea behind this concealer is MOISTURE. When do we need a moisturising concealer? When we wake up with dry raccoon eyes (or panda eyes) and when you get that gross looking pimple that hurts and is flaky around the edges. 

So let's get more specific...


The packaging is pretty unique. It looks like a tube lipstick. But when you remove the see the concealer obviously. The core is the concealer and all around it there is the moisturizing agent. Or whatever it is. It is supposed to hydrate while conceal. For me this is a win. The lipstick style packaging makes it easy to throw in your travel makeup bag or just your purse for touch ups throughout the day. 

If you plan to use it straight from the bullet, it might not be really hygenic, even though i guess it was designed to use it this way. Just swipe, blend and done! If you are really weird about these things, you can definitely rub some of it on your finger and apply under the eyes.

Shades and Tone

I got the lightest shade 01 Light (from the three available shades, seriously? Only three shades?). Unlike Erase Paste, this light colour (which is not really a light, it should be a fair or very fair) is quite balanced in tones. The Erase Paste had this massive pink/salmon undertone, but this one is actually pretty yellowish but not too yellow (if that makes sense).

Consistency and Texture

Now is the love or hate moment. If you love those thick, full cover concealers, then just skip reading this review and visit my Erase Paste review. Fake up is on the lighter side. I would say it is a light to mayyybe medium coverage concealer. If you suffer from mild dark circles and dry under eye skin, usually due to allergies, then this is a great concealer because it brightens enough to actually make you look less tired, but not so much as to look like you obviously have a concealer 3 shades lighter on. Personally, i like it because i think it is the absolute "no makeup" makeup product. It is super moisturizing, to the point it leaves a light sheen after blended. Of course i set it with powder and of course it creases a bit after a few hours, but not so much as Erase Paste. There is no creaseless concealer ladies, even when the marketing team behind the product is amazing.

If you have combination, normal or dry skin you could use it everywhere. Sometimes I use it around the nose or on any discoloration on the cheeks. It is a bit oily but if i powder it, it works just fine. I do that only when i don't have my trusty Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer with me. If you have oily to super oily skin, then i should strongly advise not to use it on your face. I'm pretty sure you will think it is really greasy. 

See pictures below, on the left unblended and on the righ blended without powder.



The crucial part. Is it worth the 24$/25euro price tag for 3.5g of product? Personally i would repurchase it, just because i'm happy with the results under the eyes. I got it for almost 19 euro on the sale, so if you ever come across a sale like that or more, then you should definitely give it a try. Also, you don't really need much, just two swipes under each eye. I've been using it for a few weeks and i haven't even made a dent yet.

You can get it at Sephora or Department store that carry Benefit. 

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