Jul 24, 2013

The Skin Regime : Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin + Giveaway

Sometimes I just stare at this pile of half full skincare products I have on my boudoir. Some of them I quite like, some I just ignore or absolutely hate. I was wondering how much money has gone to waste for these. Do we really need all these? Not only one face soap but also a face washing balm and the list just goes on...

I recently came across this skincare book called "The Skin Regime: Bootcamp for beautiful skin". I absolutely love beauty books since I get to criticise all these clichés they are full of. I can understand when a beauty related book is worth reading when I read what I don't expect to. Normal beauty books won't tell you to maintain a minimal skincare routine (they just make you think you need to "invest" in some ridiculously expensive and hyped products with insane ingredients - gold and snake venom infused serum? seriously?). What I personally loved was that it exposed so many skincare related myths such as the scam with collagen infused products, the faux "organic and all natural" lines and so many more. Not many authors make these statements easily.

The whole concept of this regime is that you can achieve flawless, acne and blemish free skin with minimum and basic products but always accompanied with face peels. So let me tell you more about these peels. I am talking about chemical peels and in particular glycolic acid peels. Not the extreme ones you can get at a dermatologist but the milder ones. This book is a full guide on how to successfully use glycolic peels safely at home with low cost. This boot camp lasts for 6 to 12 weeks. The results are visible from the first uses.

I received a sachet with a glycolic peel sample from the platinum line. I used it after carefully reading every line of the book. I've never had smoother skin in my life. I chose a bad skin day to test it (also tested it on my brother - who was surprised by the smoothness of his face). I've been suffering from acne breakouts lately due to stress.

I have to admit that the peel definitely reduced the cycle of my acne, they practically reduced in puffiness in two days! The experience of the peel was something I never had before. I applied it on dry clean skin and left it on for about 3 minutes. I experienced a lot of itchiness and discomfort after the 1st minute but that was absolutely normal. The left picture is right after I washed off the peel, as you can see the skin looks blotchy and irritated. The redness disappeared after a couple of hours. The picture on the right shows how my blemishes improved after 2 days! I was shocked. Also my skin felt incredibly soft.

I will be posting updates on how the "regime boot camp" develops. In the meantime you can search it for yourself. Some helpful links :

Here you can see before & after shots of people who tried the regime

Before - 2 days after

So, let get to the giveaway part. You get the chance to win a copy of the "The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for beautiful skin" signed by the author Dana Ramos.
Please fill the form below. The comments won't count as giveaway entries.

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