Jul 6, 2013

Sleek Blush By 3 - Sweet Cheeks : Review & Swatches

Recently I've picked up this blush by 3 blush palette from Sleek as I love their trio blush palettes. This is a limited edition product part of their new Candy Collection. I must admit this is was great purchase.

Packaging:  As always their packaging is absolutely "sleek", sturdy, simplechic. No bulkiness here.

Colours & Formula: In this palette you can find 3 shades of pink, including an amazing cream blush. The first blush is a magenta-bubblegum pink cream blush called "Cupcake", the middle one is a pale mauve baby pink powder blush called "Dolly Mix" and the last one is a watermelon pink shade with slight shimmer called "Candy Floss".

Cupcake (The cream blush): I believe Sleek is trying to market test their cream blushes by putting one in a ltd palette. Great way to test it as far as marketing goes (so I won't be surprised if they release new cream blushers next season). This particular blush is very well designed. It is super creamy but not thick and sticky, it is super pigmented but blends like a dream, while it feels creamy on the hand, it dries matte like a powder on the skin. My only complaint is that it doesn't make the cheeks "glow". It looks like a powder blush. This shade has no shimmer. I adore it (I've been using it everyday ever since I got it) for it's staying power. It lasts forever on the cheeks, I've never had a blush that stays put all day. 

Dolly Mix : Standard Sleek quality blush. It applies effortlessly, it feels silky and it's matte, totally matte. I usually layer this on top of the cream blush. It's the perfect sweet, girl next door blush shade. Words are useless. Love it.

Candy Floss : When I first saw this one I was like "humm shimmery blush...not my favourite". The shimmer in this blush is super subtle, barely noticeable. It gives a beautiful finish on the cheeks. It reminds me of how the skin reacts when it's pinched. You can easily achieve this "flushed" "no makeup flush" by applying it lightly on the cheeks while skipping foundation. A bit of concealer, some powder on the T zone, lip balm and this blush and you are good to go.

Price and Availability: This palette retails for 12.99 euros on the official Sleek website. Since this is a limited edition piece, you better get it now before it's gone or you 'll have to pay something more on eBay to get your hands on it.

Eventually, do I recommend? I couldn't recommend more. If you are into pink cheeks this is a handy compact all-in-one palette. Personally I carry only this when travelling and I never regret not carrying other blushers with me. Not to mention the lasting power is phenomenal.

Take care and don't forget your sunscreen


  1. Τι ωραία χρώματα :)

  2. Μου άναψες φωτιές βραδιάτικο... κάτι μου λέει πως σύντομα θα ψωνίσω.

    1. Αν το αγοράσεις θα το λατρέψεις.

  3. I got it a couple of days ago from Superdrug together with the eye palette. Beautiful LE collection, I love sleek blushes especially their trios and this one is no exception. Lovely swatches :)

  4. pwpw einai teleiaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D
    tsigkouneuomai ligo ta lefta..alla tha to skeftw sovara gt einai fantastiki!!!!!!!!


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