Jun 22, 2013

Perfect Home Pedicure 101

Oh no, exposed feet season here. SOS. Cracked heels ? Stained Nails ? After becoming a pro at home facials thanks to this now you can be your own pedi specialist.

I've asked a nail pro friend why I can't get great results home. Here are the top mistakes we do in our nailcare routine.

1. We buff our feet wet. 
Most people buff the feet and especially the heels while on the shower. This does nothing. In order to see results (and say goodbye to steel heels) you will have to buff them dry.

2. We don't soak the feet.
Soaking our feet in warm water is quite time consuming. It's true. But it will make clipping and shaping the toe nails much easier than without it. 

What you will need for a perfect home pedi:

A large bowl filled with warm water + a bit of moisturising shower gel (for the bubbles and the scent)
Foot buffer 
Nail Clippers 
Nail File
Feet Exfoliating Scrub
Feet moisturiser
A towel

If your nails are super stained from the previous nail polishes, try this tip:
Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and juice of half lemon. This mix will bubble up so be careful. Rub the mix on the toe nails. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it with warm water. 

  • You have to start with naked toe nails. So remove your previous nail polish with some nail polish remover. 
  • Grab your buffer and buff the whole bottom part of the feet. Pay extra attention to the heels. 
  • Put your feet in the warm water + shower gel until the water gets cool. It should take about 15 minutes.
  • Pat your feet dry with the towel.
  • Now use some foot scrub and scrub your feet thoroughly again concentrating on the heels.
  • Place the feet again in the bowl and remove the scrub with your hands. Pat dry again with the towel.
  • If your nails are stained then now use the tip above.
  • Now you can clip your nails and gently file them. Shape them as you usually do. 
  • Apply your favorite feet moisturizer. If your cuticles are bad, try using a cuticle oil. 
Now you can paint your nails. 
First star with your base coat (to prevent future stains), your nail polish of choice and a glossy top coat to seal everything. 

Tip : Make sure you don't clip your toe nails too much. Many think that cutting your nails too much it will prevent ingrown nails. This is false. Trim your nails until you feel comfortable with closed toe shoes.

See? It wasn't that difficult. Just do it like once a week and your feet will be fine. Why spend money on a salon to do that?

So how often do you go to the salon for a pedi ?


  1. Τί ταύτηση!!!
    Είπα να κάνω μια γρήγορη βόλτα στα blogs και να κάτσω με την ησυχία μου να φτιάξω νυχάκια!!!
    Όμορφα tips!
    Φιλάκια πολλά-πολλά!!!

  2. Τέλεια ότι έψαχνα :)) Ευχαριστούμε για τις συμβουλές!

  3. omorfa tips kai oreo post :)

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