Feb 28, 2013

The 9 Hair Myths

We all want healthy and fab hair, but with all these do's and dont's it's super easy to get confused. There are so many haircare myths out there causing headaches. Let's clear a few things out.

1. Frequent haircuts make hair grow faster and thicker

Nop. Your hair won't grow faster nor thicker no matter how often you go to the hair salon. Hair growth  is standard and you can't change it no matter what.

2. Hair products tolerance

Many claim that we should change our haircare routine from time to time because hair gets used to it and doesn't respond as well as it used to. Not gonna happen.

3. Grey Hair: Don't touch it, don't pluck it.

This myth has survived throughout the years. Nothing is going to happen if you pluck one grey string of hair. The old saying "don't pluck your grey hair, or you 'll get 5 in the same spot" is just science fiction.

4. Last cold rinse = shiny hair

Rinsing your hair with cold water before you get out of the shower will not guarantee shinier hair. Either hot or cold, is just the same.

5. Frequent hair brushing is good

Many say that brushing is good because you transfer oils from the roots to the ends. Mmm not really. Even some hairstylists are wrong here. Philip Kingsley enlightens us by saying that dry ends don't need oils from the scalp to be moisturised. Nobody wants greasy and oily hair. Just make sure you condition your ends well. Also, hair brushing weakens and sometimes breaks the individual strands of our hair. Bottom line ? Less brushing is the best. 

6. Olive oil and mayonnaise do wonders

This is partially true. These two do wonders IF your hair is thick and dry hair. If your hair is fine, don't even bother, you will end up even more flat and greasy. 

7. Oily hair = No need for conditioner

Natural hair oils won't condition your hair instead. Nop. Oily hair is a result of sebum overproduction. So instead of skipping conditioner, why not try washing your roots with a deep cleansing shampoo and treat your ends with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner ?

8. Serums and special products will fix my split ends (or damaged-dead hair)

The biggest myth ever. Split ends (and generally dead hair) can't resurrect. No matter how many serums, oils, anti- damage control masks you use, your hair will stay the same. You will definitely notice your hair being smoother and much softer when using these special products, but that's just temporary. After a few hours split ends and damaged hair will be back for good. So don't get fooled by special keratin shampoo's and masks. Companies just want your money.

9.  Frequent washing dries your hair out

Beauty bloggers go like that when they hear that you wash your hair everyday : 

And yet not. Your hair is not damaged only because you wash your hair every day or every other day. It's because of all the hundred other reasons 
(heat, styling, chemical treatments etc). If you use the correct type of shampoo for your hair type then you will have no problems at all. Other washing techniques are :

a) Dilute your shampoo : Mix some water in your shampoo (preferably in a new -spray- bottle) in order to make its consistency lighter. This is great if you feel your shampoo is too harsh. 

b) Wash with conditioner only: Ideal for curly and course textures, as they need lots of moisture.

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