Feb 9, 2013

FamousX First Date Blusher

FamousX First Date Blusher

 I've had these babies for a long time, but i think now is the best time to review them! These limited edition cuties are a huge bargain and top quality.

Colour Range : There are 5 different shades available (Penelope, Charlize, Angelina,Keira, Scarlett) All blushes are named after celebrities as you can see.

Texture : They are smooth and velvety while blending amazingly well into the skin. They might be a bit chalky but the overall quality and pigmentation is insane. The two shades i'm reviewing have a satin finish while only Keira has visible shimmer/glitter.

Lasting Power: They last pretty well even on oily skin and don't break down.

Packaging and technical: You get 7.5g of product for 2.49 which is amazing. The packaging is super well made, a hot pink case and a huge mirror. There is no scent. 

 These blushes are by a brand called FamousX, a high street/drugstore UK brand. They are available online here only for 2.49£ The ship worldwide at low shipping cost.

I would definitely recommend this range. 

+good quality
+cruelty free

 (FB Beauty owns MUA and Vivo Cosmetics)

xx Anastasia

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