Jan 28, 2013

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream


This review is going to be quick and straight to the point ! (I'm trying to make my reviews more informative rather than rambling)
I've been trying a bunch of BB Creams lately, trying to find the perfect one.

Coverage: Sheer to light. One layer barely evens the skin but still face looks naked. Two layers offer quite a decent coverage. In both cases the bb cream is not visible on the skin.

Consistency: Creamy to liquidy. It's a lightweight cream, very light to the touch. Absorbs and blends easily. Much lighter than the Skin79 BB Cream. On the skin it feels so velvety and smooth

Shades: Not many BB creams have 3 shades you can choose from. I picked the lightest shade (shade 13) but there two more, #21 and #23. Number #13 is probably the lightest and most pink toned bb cream i've ever tried. The other shades have more yellow in them. Although, all BB creams interact with the skin and adapt to your skintone. Here we don't have this grey tint other BB creams have.

Finish/Staying power: As all BB Creams, this one is really moisturising. The finish is natural, neither matte nor dewy. With primer and powder it last up to 5 hours (then you'll have to powder again or use blotting papers).

I buy my BBs from Amazon. It costs about 11$ for 50ml of product.

Overall is a very good BB cream. I would recommend it to someone with pretty good skin. If you have many skin problems, blemishes, spots, acne scars you will need a lot of the product as it has light coverage. You might want to try something else.

(honest review-all opinions are my own-not sponsored)


  1. I haven't tried any Korean BB creams yet :(
    They must be "the real thing", if you know what I mean- a lot of the western BB creams are so much different that they can't be compared to the ones by Missha and Skin Food!



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