Nov 21, 2013

Quicky: Benefit Erase Paste

I've been looking for a good concealer for a really long time. This season's Sephora sale brought me near Benefit's Erase Paste. Let me tell you how I feel about it. I posted on Instagram this photo when I first purchased it.

Packaging :
  • Cute hot pink, screw lid, glass-like jar.
  • Easy to have in your makeup bag.
  • Not super sanitary as you have to dig in the jar.
  • Comes with tiny spoon- applicator (not really useful to me)
Consistency :

  • Very thick, creamy...almost wax-like formula (it feels like cream foundation).
  • Medium Coverage
  • Brightening - Fantastic for under eye circles.
  • A little goes an insanely long way.
  • Incredibly moisturising (Ideal for under the eyes or dry spots).
  • Doesn't really set on the skin (I always powder over concealer and still after powder the concealed skin feels like it's been moisturised right before).
  • Not great if you gave very oily skin as it might slide off the area you want to conceal (I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with Oily to very oily skin).
  • Creases if applied heavily (Personally I don't mind that as I've never found a concealer that doesn't crease, even high-end labeled as "crease proof" crease. Not a big deal for me.
Colour Range 

I bought the shade 1 Fair, which is the lightest of the 3 shades available (Fair/Medium/Dark). I find the range ridiculously limited. The shade Fair is not really that fair. It also runs a bit on the pink - salmon side of concealers. Not the best for covering red and irritated spots (I do love it for under the eyes though). I do use a different concealer for spots and blemishes but when all I have in my travel makeup bag is Erase Paste I use it. It just requires a bit more blending. I apply it with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

This consistency but with a different undertone would be phenomenal for red, flaky pimples or even hormonal and cystic acne. It covers beautifully. 

Price & Cost/Value :
Erase Paste retails from 26 to 28 euros. Quite pricey for 4.4g net weight. The good thing is that you need the tiniest possible amount. I've been using it for 2 1/2 weeks and every day I use less (as I've been using way more than what I needed). I would recommend buying it during sales season. I got it for 19 euro which is a good deal for Benefit cosmetics.

You can find it at Sephora.

Score 8/10 

Have you tried Erase Paste or any other Benefit products ?

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Sep 24, 2013

Transition your makeup for Autumn : Everyday micro-changes

Fall is finally here. My favourite season. The slightly colder weather, the soft angora-blend cardigan paired with burgundy stained lips and plum blushes... I just love it. Obviously you can't wear bold berry lipstick everyday or dark vampy lips or even deep warm brown smokey eyes. But you can make small changes in your everyday normal makeup look that show this warm autumn feel. 

About eyes

If your everyday go to eye look is totally minimal. Let's say... black or brown eyeliner on the upper lashline and mascara? What can i do to perk this look up a bit ? 

For blue/green eyes : Coppery or warm golden-bronze eyeliners really enhance light coloured eyes and make them pop, it just adds more drama as the bronze and orangey coppery tones really accent the eyes. Example look : Black eyeliner on the top lashline, black mascara and a copper toned eyeliner on the buttom lashline. This can works for green/blue/gray-blue and in general light eyes. (Keep in mind copper/warm tones on the eyes are huge for this season)

If you are an eyeshadow girl then opt for a copper or bronze shimmery eyeshadow on the lid (don't do a shimmery crease colour - add something matte there or nothing). 

For darker eyes (light/dark brown or hazel eyes) :Bronze and coppery tones compliment darker eyes as well but my personal favourite is plum/purple. I think brown eyes and hazel eyes look phenomenal with plum-burgundy tones. Example look: Black mascara and deep plum eyeliner on the top lashline (or you can go with black on the upper lashline and plum on the bottom lashline). 

Brown eyes look amazing in any colour so this is not a huge dilemma, you can choose plums/purples/orange/copper/gold/bronze. It is really up to you. Just think outside the box, don't choose black again. 

Amazing trick : If you have hazel or brown eyes with the tiniest hint of green in them, go for plums. Plums just enhance every tini-tiny amount of green you have in your eyes.

Again if you are a eyeshadow girl, choose light plum and brown purple shades. You can even smudge your eyeliner before as a base for the shadows.

About lips

Plum/wine/berry tones are huge for this season. Depending on your style and the occasion, you can go light or dark. 

For bold ladies : Keep the eyes super simple with black eyeliner and mascara, the blush neutral not too pink and you go girl with va va voom lips. Leighton Meester's look is exceptional! 

For not so bold girls : My personal favourite for everyday is tinted lipbalm. Sometimes you can't be bothered by lipstick so why not go the easy way ? Top picks : Korres Plum/Prune Lip butter and Korres Pomegranate (Purple) Mandarin Lip Balm SPF 15

How do you transition your makeup into fall ?

Aug 29, 2013

Summer Loves 2013

Summer is gone (not really). Here is a selection of my most used and loved makeup products during these 3 months.


e.l.f. Studio Pressed Powder in Sand: This has been a surprise for me. I never use it during the winter because is too dark for me. But every single summer this bad boy always makes a come back. There is something about this powder. It glides so smoothly and it is invisible on the skin. Bargain & holy grail.

Radiant Perfect Finish Compact Face Powder in No 10 Skin Beige: No I am not crazy. This is my bronzer substitute. This powder is many shades darker than me. It's so NOT orange and super blendable. It was recommended to me by the lady at the department store after complaining about their orange bronzers!

Bourjois Healthy Skin Foundation in 52 Vanille : This is already obvious. This has been my go to foundation since last year (I just change the shades from winter to summer). This foundation has a natural finish (definitely powder needed if you have oily skin).

Favorite Makeup Brushes

Sigma F86 Angled Synthetic Brush : This one is my favorite multitasking brush. I can use it for cream blushes or foundation. I've even used it with powder for setting under the eyes. It's sturdy, synthetic (meaning no shedding and cruelty free).

Real Techniques Eyes Starter Kit (deluxe crease brush & brow definer brush)
These are my favourite brushes for two uses. The angled brush is amazing for filling the brows and for applying dark eyeshadow as eyeliner. The star of the set is the deluxe crease brush. Oh this is amazing. Blends the eyeshadows like a dream and is great for under eye concealing job. Flawless application.

e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush : I chose this one over the e.l.f powder and complexion brush because it's size and shape make this brush your "brush for everything". I use it for blush (actually for precise blush application), for contouring, bronzing, highlighting. Again, synthetic, easy to take care of and cruelty free.


Sleek Pout Polish Peach Perfection & Carribean : "Waxy and melty"lip balms by Sleek. I love these for the pop of color they give to my lips but at the same time they are soo moisturizing and glossy. You can even use them over lipstick as gloss. The orange one was limited edition.
Barry M Moisturizing Lip Paint in 158 : I bought this one after Lucy's rave on how amazing this colour was. And it is amazing indeed. In general, i find Barry M lipsticks a bit waxy and not as smooth, but the thing is this waxy feel makes the lipstick so long lasting. It almost stains the lips. That's why I recommend them.

Barry M Lipstick in 146 Dolly Pink: I've had this one for about 1 1/2 years and I wasn't using it because of it texture. Now i've rediscovered it and i absolutely love it.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Tempt me : Unfortunately this was a limited edition lipstick from the Smashbox's valentines day special release. You can still get your hands on it through ebay. Here why i love it so much. 


Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit: This summer I've neglected eyeshadows and only used my favorite palette from Benefit. There are 3 shades of eyeshadow here : a light shimmery pink, a shimmery brown-copper shade and a dark brown. I use the lighter shade in the inner part of the eyes and as highlight, the midtone out the outer corner, the dark brown as eyeliner & brow powder. This palette also has the famous Boing concealer by benefit in the shade 02. It is just right for me during summer but in the winter it might be too dark to use. As you can see it is well loved. This concealer is super creamy and i believe it's silicon based. It creases only if you put too much on.

Available at sephora

Clinique High Impact Mascara (non waterproof): This mascara sample is endless. I've been using this mascara for the last 3 months everyday. It is dreamy. I gives a lot of volume and some length. It is on the wet side. It lasts pretty well on my oily and sweaty eyes so i guess it's a keeper. Can't wait to try the waterproof version of it!

Toyoko Eyeliner in 303 : A plumy purple shade. Not my go to colour, but the lady at Clarins told me that plum eyeliners really enhance the green side of hazel eyes. I tried it and loved it. I've never used black since. 

Seventeen Long Stay Eyesharper in Very Brown : Super long lasting eyeliner. I've used it for brows (when I am super lazy) and for dotting some at my lower lashline, just to balance the eyes.

Swatches :
L-R : Seventeen Very Brown/ Toyoko 303/ Smashbox Tempt Me/ Barry M 158/Barry M Dolly Pink

Non beauty favorite this summer: Peach tarts !

Aug 24, 2013


The Winner is ...

Συμώνα Δ. !

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Aug 18, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013/14 Trend Alert : Wine Hues

I am so fed up with these coral lipsticks. They have been everywhere since spring. The good news? What's the "coral" of the fall ? Hmm think merlot wine. Celebrities and models really love this trend.

Wine hues on the lips are so hot next season. Deep plummy reds, dark raspberry tones, brown burgundy lips. You can play with textures as well, matte or glossy pout ? Ombre or not ?

So how to pull off this trend ? Lets see. 

If you decide to go super bold with your wine lipstick, just make sure you keep everything else really simple. Maybe just mascara and a nude eyeshadow on the lid. Smudgy eyes are a no no unless you are going for the full goth queen look.

- Enhance your face structure by contouring and highlighting
- Keep brows natural and not super filled
- Use a brown toned blush (avoid pinks and corals as they might draw attention away from the lips)
- Make sure your teeth are quite white before wearing a wine lipstick with a strong brown tint, go for deep raspberry tones instead.

Not everyone though fancies super dark and bold lip combos. That doesn't mean you can't be on trend! 
-Try lighter plummy shades like these below
- Bring warmth to the face by using a slightly brownish-burgundy blush
- Add some shimmer on the lids. Light smokey browns are also lovely

Women Inside Loves 

Other Suggested Lipsticks 



Jul 25, 2013

SPF in your makeup: Is it enough?

Lately it's been a fuss about how convenient is to use SPF makeup products such as BB creams, CC creams, foundations etc. Our favourite products not only offer coverage, moisture and radiance but also sun protection. At least they CLAIM that they do. As it is summertime, we tend to try to simplify our makeup and skincare routine. Many people skip the sunscreen application because "My BB cream has SPF50!", " My (Shisheido) foundation has high SPF factor and says it's ideal for being in the sun!", "Sunscreen is too greasy! I use my SPF day moisturiser instead". 

As you can imagine, these statements aren't actually helpful. Especially when these are said by blogs and beauty personas whose opinion influences people (and especially young ones). So, SPF in beauty products, is it or is it not enough? Obviously it's not. If someone ever tell you you don't need sunscreen just because you use makeup with SPF, then just tell them this is bull and that they are dangerous.

So why your foundation/BB cream is not protecting you enough against sun rays ?
Let's see how experts define the SPF:

The SPF number is calculated by looking at how long it takes for skin to go red with the product on, compared to how long it takes for the skin to go red without it. This is based on the application of 2 miligrams of product per cm² of skin. When you apply a pea size amount of an SPF25 product, you get about 3 millimetres. Meaning that... in order to ensure enough protection you will have to reapply EVERY 2 HOURS. 

Do you re-apply foundation or BB cream every 2 hours ? I am sure you don't.

To work out exactly how much sun protection your make-up is giving you, you need to measure the area of your face in square centimetres, then accurately measure how much product you are applying. The average human face is about 400 cm² so it is estimated that you need to apply about 700mg of product. A "pump" of product usually weights about 130-150 mg. I doubt you use more than two pumps of foundation. 

The bottom line : Your product might say it will give you protection of SPF30+ but the protection you get is related to the amount of product you use. We don't use as much foundation/bb cream as sunblock,  hence we are less protected against sun damage. 

So if you skip sunscreen, it is possible that you think you get a SPF25 from your makeup but in fact you might actually get about a SPF4 protection. Now add that up with the sweating and the lack of re-application... Bam! No protection + Hot summer = Skin damage, wrinkles and why not...cancer. Keep in mind about 90% of skin ageing comes from the sun exposure.

So why don't we like applying sunscreen?

Most common problems:

1. Too greasy : Most of the sunscreens have oils in them and they might feel heavy, sticky and gross especially when you have an oily skin. Solution? There are so many matte finish, non heavy and sticky sunscreens in the market that "the greasy factor" should really stop being an excuse. My personal favourite and my go to product from April to September is the Anthelios SPF30 (comes also in SPF50+) Dry Touch Gel Creme Sunscreen. It is non greasy and it dries matte really fast. 

2. Ghost Face in photos : This shouldn't really be a problem, since the "ghost face" happens in flash photographs and why would you take a photograph in the sun with flash ? Even though, if you have to do that, try a chemical sunscreen and not one with titanium dioxide (that white powder that gives you the white-ghost face in photos).

Do you still rely on marketing and beauty product advertisements? Even if the product itself says it's a "BB cream for sun or especially designed for sun"... it's not and you will end up unprotected. 

Still thinking about it? Check this picture (from wiki). I was shocked when I found it. See how your skin is NAKED against the sun rays. 

Even hotter days are coming, so just apply and re apply your sunscreen. The sun is not how it used to be 20 years ago. 

For more info on products containing SPF you can check this link as well. 

Jul 24, 2013

The Skin Regime : Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin + Giveaway

Sometimes I just stare at this pile of half full skincare products I have on my boudoir. Some of them I quite like, some I just ignore or absolutely hate. I was wondering how much money has gone to waste for these. Do we really need all these? Not only one face soap but also a face washing balm and the list just goes on...

I recently came across this skincare book called "The Skin Regime: Bootcamp for beautiful skin". I absolutely love beauty books since I get to criticise all these clichés they are full of. I can understand when a beauty related book is worth reading when I read what I don't expect to. Normal beauty books won't tell you to maintain a minimal skincare routine (they just make you think you need to "invest" in some ridiculously expensive and hyped products with insane ingredients - gold and snake venom infused serum? seriously?). What I personally loved was that it exposed so many skincare related myths such as the scam with collagen infused products, the faux "organic and all natural" lines and so many more. Not many authors make these statements easily.

The whole concept of this regime is that you can achieve flawless, acne and blemish free skin with minimum and basic products but always accompanied with face peels. So let me tell you more about these peels. I am talking about chemical peels and in particular glycolic acid peels. Not the extreme ones you can get at a dermatologist but the milder ones. This book is a full guide on how to successfully use glycolic peels safely at home with low cost. This boot camp lasts for 6 to 12 weeks. The results are visible from the first uses.

I received a sachet with a glycolic peel sample from the platinum line. I used it after carefully reading every line of the book. I've never had smoother skin in my life. I chose a bad skin day to test it (also tested it on my brother - who was surprised by the smoothness of his face). I've been suffering from acne breakouts lately due to stress.

I have to admit that the peel definitely reduced the cycle of my acne, they practically reduced in puffiness in two days! The experience of the peel was something I never had before. I applied it on dry clean skin and left it on for about 3 minutes. I experienced a lot of itchiness and discomfort after the 1st minute but that was absolutely normal. The left picture is right after I washed off the peel, as you can see the skin looks blotchy and irritated. The redness disappeared after a couple of hours. The picture on the right shows how my blemishes improved after 2 days! I was shocked. Also my skin felt incredibly soft.

I will be posting updates on how the "regime boot camp" develops. In the meantime you can search it for yourself. Some helpful links :

Here you can see before & after shots of people who tried the regime

Before - 2 days after

So, let get to the giveaway part. You get the chance to win a copy of the "The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for beautiful skin" signed by the author Dana Ramos.
Please fill the form below. The comments won't count as giveaway entries.

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Jul 6, 2013

Sleek Blush By 3 - Sweet Cheeks : Review & Swatches

Recently I've picked up this blush by 3 blush palette from Sleek as I love their trio blush palettes. This is a limited edition product part of their new Candy Collection. I must admit this is was great purchase.

Packaging:  As always their packaging is absolutely "sleek", sturdy, simplechic. No bulkiness here.

Colours & Formula: In this palette you can find 3 shades of pink, including an amazing cream blush. The first blush is a magenta-bubblegum pink cream blush called "Cupcake", the middle one is a pale mauve baby pink powder blush called "Dolly Mix" and the last one is a watermelon pink shade with slight shimmer called "Candy Floss".

Cupcake (The cream blush): I believe Sleek is trying to market test their cream blushes by putting one in a ltd palette. Great way to test it as far as marketing goes (so I won't be surprised if they release new cream blushers next season). This particular blush is very well designed. It is super creamy but not thick and sticky, it is super pigmented but blends like a dream, while it feels creamy on the hand, it dries matte like a powder on the skin. My only complaint is that it doesn't make the cheeks "glow". It looks like a powder blush. This shade has no shimmer. I adore it (I've been using it everyday ever since I got it) for it's staying power. It lasts forever on the cheeks, I've never had a blush that stays put all day. 

Dolly Mix : Standard Sleek quality blush. It applies effortlessly, it feels silky and it's matte, totally matte. I usually layer this on top of the cream blush. It's the perfect sweet, girl next door blush shade. Words are useless. Love it.

Candy Floss : When I first saw this one I was like "humm shimmery blush...not my favourite". The shimmer in this blush is super subtle, barely noticeable. It gives a beautiful finish on the cheeks. It reminds me of how the skin reacts when it's pinched. You can easily achieve this "flushed" "no makeup flush" by applying it lightly on the cheeks while skipping foundation. A bit of concealer, some powder on the T zone, lip balm and this blush and you are good to go.

Price and Availability: This palette retails for 12.99 euros on the official Sleek website. Since this is a limited edition piece, you better get it now before it's gone or you 'll have to pay something more on eBay to get your hands on it.

Eventually, do I recommend? I couldn't recommend more. If you are into pink cheeks this is a handy compact all-in-one palette. Personally I carry only this when travelling and I never regret not carrying other blushers with me. Not to mention the lasting power is phenomenal.

Take care and don't forget your sunscreen

Jun 22, 2013

Perfect Home Pedicure 101

Oh no, exposed feet season here. SOS. Cracked heels ? Stained Nails ? After becoming a pro at home facials thanks to this now you can be your own pedi specialist.

I've asked a nail pro friend why I can't get great results home. Here are the top mistakes we do in our nailcare routine.

1. We buff our feet wet. 
Most people buff the feet and especially the heels while on the shower. This does nothing. In order to see results (and say goodbye to steel heels) you will have to buff them dry.

2. We don't soak the feet.
Soaking our feet in warm water is quite time consuming. It's true. But it will make clipping and shaping the toe nails much easier than without it. 

What you will need for a perfect home pedi:

A large bowl filled with warm water + a bit of moisturising shower gel (for the bubbles and the scent)
Foot buffer 
Nail Clippers 
Nail File
Feet Exfoliating Scrub
Feet moisturiser
A towel

If your nails are super stained from the previous nail polishes, try this tip:
Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and juice of half lemon. This mix will bubble up so be careful. Rub the mix on the toe nails. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it with warm water. 

  • You have to start with naked toe nails. So remove your previous nail polish with some nail polish remover. 
  • Grab your buffer and buff the whole bottom part of the feet. Pay extra attention to the heels. 
  • Put your feet in the warm water + shower gel until the water gets cool. It should take about 15 minutes.
  • Pat your feet dry with the towel.
  • Now use some foot scrub and scrub your feet thoroughly again concentrating on the heels.
  • Place the feet again in the bowl and remove the scrub with your hands. Pat dry again with the towel.
  • If your nails are stained then now use the tip above.
  • Now you can clip your nails and gently file them. Shape them as you usually do. 
  • Apply your favorite feet moisturizer. If your cuticles are bad, try using a cuticle oil. 
Now you can paint your nails. 
First star with your base coat (to prevent future stains), your nail polish of choice and a glossy top coat to seal everything. 

Tip : Make sure you don't clip your toe nails too much. Many think that cutting your nails too much it will prevent ingrown nails. This is false. Trim your nails until you feel comfortable with closed toe shoes.

See? It wasn't that difficult. Just do it like once a week and your feet will be fine. Why spend money on a salon to do that?

So how often do you go to the salon for a pedi ?

Jun 6, 2013

Summer Rave Review: Revlon Kissable Balm Stain

Hello beauties! Summer is here.Yeey!!  Exams are also here though. Even though I should be studying, here I am writing this review on my new favourite lip product. Cheers to Revlon then!

About a month ago, I purchased this baby just because I love the majority of Revlon products. I'm totally in love with their Lip Butters so their new Kissable Balm Stain should be amazing. Let's see...

I bought the shade "Romantic" as I always tend to go for red tones on the lips. Reds are versatile just because you can apply them opaque and have a full red lip effect, but also you can sheer them out and get a flushed preppy look great for daytime.

Packaging : Their packaging is familiar, identical to Clinique's Chubby Stick. Nice and comfy to keep in your purse for touch ups throughout the day. 

Consistency/Formula: Unlike other stains, this one reminds me of the lip butter by revlon. It's really moisturising and a bit glossy (as you can see in the pictures below). In this shade, there is some shimmer but it's really fine - not glittery at all. The pigmentation is also great in this shade.

Colours: There is a range of 12 shades. The shade "Romantic" is a warm toned red. 

Staying power: These are branded as lip STAINS, so they are supposed to stain your lips and last a long time without fading. I find that almost true. Personally... nothing lasts on my lips. I am the lipsticks' fear. So this lasted pretty well on me, about 3 hours while drinking water from a bottle during the day. For some people that might be tiny staying power (keep in mind regular lipstick lasts about 30 minutes on my lips). This one, even though it fades, it leaves a stain on the lips. They won't be bare pink, but slightly flushed rose red. 

Price: So these cost about 8.99$, here ... 16 euros (but they are almost all the time on sale -3 euro) and you can find them at drugstores and here at Hondos Centre.


I am definitely repurchasing some more shades.
 I would totally recommend these.

Have you tried these lip stains? 
How long they stay on your lips? 


May 6, 2013

5 Hot Weather Beauty Secrets

Summer is almost here. In order to maintain our skin in optimum condition we have to take really good care of it during these warm (and hot) months.

1. Use that sunscreen

Sun is the no 1 concern during summertime. You should wear your broad spectrum UVB/UVA sunscreen every single time you spend time outdoors. Even if you have oily skin you should invest in a good sunscreen with a matte finish. Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause not only a burn but also brown spots, wrinkles and the worst... skin cancer. Also reapply regularly especially if you do sports or sweat a lot.

If you managed to get a burn, you can seek relief in an Aloe Vera Gel. 

2. Lighten up your skincare

The skincare you love in winter or fall might not suit your skin's needs during summer. Combination skin will probably become oily and your moisturiser might feel greasy and sticky. So you should probably downgrade your thick moisturiser with a gel based moisturiser or a lightweight lotion. 

3. Multi-layer bronzer and blush cake

This amazing cake effect makes an appearance when on top of your foundation and powder you add tons of powder blush and powder bronzer (which will get worse if you also put on some powder highlighter with tons of shimmery particles!). Solution? Go for gels and creams! When using gel/cream bronzer you instantly reduce the cake effect, even if you put it on top of powder. Same thing with the blush and highlighter. Blushes come in other forms like creams and tints. 

4. Switch to lightweight foundation

The heavier the foundation the easier it slides off your face. How about switching to a tinted moisturiser or a bb cream ? You can achieve really good coverage with some of these and a bit of concealer. If your skin is extremely oily you can layer some primer under your bb cream/tinted moisturiser. 

5. Pull your hair back

Believe it or not sweaty hair (especially bangs/fringe) can increase the amount of breakouts  and zits on your face. Try putting your hair up in a ponytail or practise some stylish updo's . 

Enjoy summer and stay safe with beautiful skin !