Sep 3, 2012

Makeup Tips For Eyeglasses: The Guide

Do you have eyeglasses? Wear them like celebrities do it. Yes! If Eva Longoria and Megan Fox can pull these frames off looking super sexy, so can we!
Eva Longoria
Here is what you have to keep in mind to keep rocking these glasses.

Conceal Conceal Conceal
Almost all glasses cast a shadow under the eyes, enhancing our dark circles and puffy eyes. So make sure you apply a good moisturising and light-reflecting concealer, but don't go overboard. Polished is nice. Cake-y is another painful chapter in a woman's life (haha)

Lose the mascara underneath
We are trying to achieve a bright eyed effect, meaning that mascara on the bottom lashes really makes the eye appear dark and shadowy. Instead, use lots of black mascara on the upper lashes. 

Curly Lashes
Megan Fox
The most annoying thing when wearing mascara and glasses is the mascara stain on the frame. Deal with it by curling your lashes at 3 points, starting from the roots, continuing to the middle and finishing on the tips of the lashes. Then apply as many coats of mascara as you feel comfortable wearing. 

Sliding Glasses
I hate it when my glasses slide off my nose due to oil. This is very important for those of us with an oily complexion. You can defeat oiliness there by:
i. Applying a matte finish foundation.
ii. Setting the foundation with a mattifying face powder.
iii. Spraying on, a makeup setting spray

Scarlet Johansson
Keep your brows in place! Perfect your eyebrow shape and fill the gaps and sparse areas with a matching brow product. Keep in mind not to overdraw or fill too much your brows. The harshness of our brows depends on the harshness/boldness of the frames. Too intense frames require a stronger brow while rimless glasses need a subtle polished brow. 

The Eyeshadow
Take it easy on the eyeshadows. Glitters and frosts are definitely a no no. The shades depend on the type of glasses you're wearing. In general lenses for:
myopia and astigmatism make the eyes appear smaller
presbyopia and hyperopia make the eyes appear larger
So depending on what condition you have, you choose the tones of the eyeshadows.
To make your eyes look larger you need to stay away from dark eyeshadows on the lid (you can still use some crease colour)
To make your eyes appear smaller (if they look too bulgy) try deeper tones on the lid.

The Blush
The most frequent mistake women tend to make is all about the blush. Not the shade but the location where they apply it. Overall, I am totally against the whole stereotype that you should put the blush on the "apples of the cheeks" while smiling (I'll talk about that on different post), but this time putting blush on the apples is a makeup crime. If you do so, you are going to look funny and weird, kind of like a clown. Why?
Eyeglasses draw the attention to the eyes and also on the nose. The majority of frames stop just above the cheek (when it's relaxed). By applying bright blush near the nose and just below the edge of the glasses you mess with the balance of the face. An excellent example of blush location when wearing frames is in the photo below. See how the blush is slightly on the side, above the hollow of the cheek (where you would normally put the contouring powder)

I hope this guide was helpful! 
Let me know what mistakes you used to do when you were wearing glasses.
Anastasia ;)


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  2. Amazing post, I couldn't agree more with everything! I don't wear glasses everyday, only when I'm out of contacts, but when I do, this is the way I do my make up.

    1. I wear contacts too, these tricks are a must for every girl with glasses.
      :D Kisses

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  4. Thanks for the tip. I recently had to wear eyeglasses because of slight astigmatism on the right eye. Now, I know how to maintain the posh look even with my glasses on.

    1. I am glad you found this article helpful. Eyeglasses create a very sophisticated and posh look.

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