Aug 31, 2012

Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!: A beauty book review

 I am not sure about you, but from the day I started getting into beauty and how to take care of my skin I was full of queries. What should I do with whiteheads ? What about pimples ? Oh! Are pimples and whiteheads different things ? And yes, it is true. It took me my entire adolescence to find out now that a pimple is not a whitehead! In fact I used to call everything unwanted on my face a "pimple".

There are so many things we are unaware of. All these skin conditions seem so scary. I have seen pictures of people with multiple skin conditions like rosacea and cystic acne. Conditions like these can really take down someone's self-esteem, especially during teen years.
The worse thing is the myths. Even if you try to find information on how to prevent or defeat acne, there are always ambiguous pieces of advice. "Don't" do that or you "must" do that.

 I recently came across Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne away For Good!. Why this book is better than the hundreds of books talking about acne? Because this one is s-i-m-p-l-e. This one explains in plain english how a woman with severe skin problems found herself a way out of this hurricane called acne. I never thought that there were "do it yourself" beauty remedies for acne and I mean beauty recipes that actually work.

 In my opinion, this book really made my problematic skin see better days. Why? Because I gained the necessary knowledge to treat my skin and as I should be treating it and leave the expensive products full of salicylic acid I used to buy. Apart from the obvious acne concerning information this book is also full of dietary advice concerning hormones and acne.
A must-buy book for people with problematic acne prone skin.

You can get Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good! here


  1. Reading good quality books on skincare is the right way to go. There's so many information online, more than half of it is pure b*****it! I really want to start building a collection of books on beauty!

    1. It is true! This book is simple and very informative. :)

  2. sounds really nice , you should have some photos of this book :)

    1. I just added one :) Thanks for noticing :)


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