Jul 30, 2012

Autumn/Winter 2012/3 Makeup Trends

What if we are in the middle of summer? New beauty/makeup collections are already on their way out so let's get a sneak peak of the next season's makeup trends.

Roberto Cavalli
Face : Summer's face was luminous, fresh and glow-y, and remains the same! Keep that shine on! (or if you are oily just minimize it). This fall the face stays flawless but fresh. Why not try BB cream  ?

Eyes : a) The key word for this fall/winter is Color! Bright eyeshadows is a must for this season. Gorgeous shimmery blues and purples for Chanel, peacock inspired makeup by Roberto Cavalli.

b) Rock that flick! Winged eyeliner is all over the place. Wear it as long as you are comfortable with.

c) White!  Yes white! Is your matte/metallic eyeshadow abandoned somewhere in your vanity ? Get it out now!

Brows: Natural and full brows still are first these years. The bushy natural brow stays strong and you dear, need to let that tweezers go! If your brows are sparse and skinny, lightly fill them in with the help of a brow pencil or powder (3 shades darker if you're blonde/3 shades lighter if you have dark hair)


Romantic makeup is at last a must for next season! Winged eyeliner, soft lips, pastel eyes, flushed cheeks and luminous complexion. I love this trend!

Lips go bold: Luscious red and vampy/dark cherry lips as seen on the catwalk. The classic bold red lip is always in. Next season, to make lips look fuller, line the edges of your lips with a burgundy or a deeper red shade lip liner. Then use the red lipstick of choice focusing in the middle part of both upper and lower lip. Carefully blend the dark color in the vibrant red. As seen on Gucci's runways again and again.

Diane Von Furstenberg

What's your favorite trend for fall ?

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