Jun 12, 2012

Grab your cat's tail and put on blush with it

Hi girls, really long time no see ! I'm back and ready for more interesting posts! I wanted to write about makeup brushes for a long time and now i have the chance to do it. Honestly, do you even know what you buy ? Seriously, have you ever consider where the hair/bristles of your fancy makeup brushes come from ?

Lets take things from start. There are 2 types of makeup brushes:

1.  Natural Bristle Brushes

The code "natural" means that the bristles are real hair taken from animals (hopefully not humans yet!). The high end companies use mostly squirrel, badger and goat hair for making their brushes.
Brands like MAC and the majority of others sell natural hair brushes. The sad thing about it is not that it's unethical to use real hair for cosmetic use, but it's the fact that most of the time animals get killed for their hair. So it's not just a haircut. "Every year, millions of animals are trapped, drowned, and beaten to death in the wild and strangled, electrocuted, or beaten and skinned alive on fur farms. Horse hair is commonly obtained from horses who are slaughtered for their flesh. Squirrels are hunted or trapped, and goats are shorn like sheep. Workers are often paid by volume, so they shear the goats quickly, which can result in serious injuries.Many makeup brushes are manufactured in developing countries where there are few or no animal welfare regulations." (According to PETA)
Companies though, like MAC claim that no animal suffers in order to produce their makeup brushes.

2. Synthetic Bristle Brushes (or Vegan Brushes)

This category of brushes now gains more and more attention after famous brands like Sigma launch vegan/synthetic makeup brushes. These are made mostly of taklon. At first glance, somebody would say "oh these are low quality brushes, not soft, stiff and not effective". On the contrary, taklon fibres make these brushes very soft yet sturdy. They don't absorb the product, they are anti-bacterial yet more hygenic and last longer because the bristles don't get damaged from regular washing. Also, these are great for people with allergies to animals. Imagine being allergic to horses and have brushes made of their hair!

More tips on online makeup brush hunting

When ordering brushes online, especially non-branded ones, choose synthetic brushes to be safe. You never know what animal is killed for this brush.

Never buy MAC brushes from ebay or other high end brushes. Even if the seller has possitive feedback it doesn't mean the brushes are genuine.

Overall, i would strongly recommend to stop using or stop buying new natural bristle makeup brushes. They are overrated, get damaged fast and many times are the reason for slaughtering innocent animals.

You can get synthetic cruelty free brushes from brands like Sigma, Real Techniques, Aveda, Urban Decay, Crown Brushes, Origins, Afterglow, Branded J, Eco Tools, Elf (studio/mineral line).

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Hope you have a great week :)