Apr 12, 2012

Trend Alert: Revlon Lip Butters

Hi girls!
I am really excited about this review! I know a product is not supposed to be a "trend" but these fulfill the term "trend"!

This review is going to be positive, even though I find some cons.

The shades i'll be reviewing is Creme Brulee,Cherry Tart, Candy Apple and Strawberry Shortcake.

These are labeled as "Lip Butters", it's true but it depends on how you see things. It's an amazing sheer (depending on the shade), moisturizing lipstick, but as "lip balm/butter/conditioner" is not the best out there. All of them have a sheen, no one is matte, but the shimmer is not really noticeable on the lips (except the cherry tart). They just look glossy. I think of them as sheer lipsticks for everyday.

There is a big variety of shades from nudes (creme brulee,creamsicle) pinks (cupcake,strawberry shortcake), berries and reds (cherry tart,candy apple, red velvet) with different tones and hues.

 Lasting Power?
Their lasting power is not that great either. You have to apply several times throughout the day, but i don't mind since almost nothing lasts on my lips.

Moisture & Finish?
These work like a bb lip product (my term :P). They provide color and softness all in one.I wouldn't say they work as lip balms/conditioners that well (still loving my oriflame pure lipbalm), but you just don't need to apply balm before using them. That is good.
Due to the moisture they provide, the finish which is not matte, but shimmery(and frosty in some of them like creme brulee) doesn't sit on the cracks/wrinkles of the lips but looks like you are wearing a lip polish (like sleek's lip polish).

The texture is great, really creamy and soft. The only thing you should be careful is when you twist it out too much, when you twist it back it might melt slightly. That's how creamy it is.Another thing is that they are by NO MEANS sticky.

So lets see the shades.The two first pictures are taken in natural light while the third is with indoor light
(L-R) Creme Brulee/Cherry Tart/Candy Apple/Strawberry Shortcake

Creme brulee: Beige/peach toned nude with a frosty finish.
Strawberry Shortcake: Blue based light-bubblegum pink with shimmer.

I know these two look very similar, but they have a huge difference. The left (Candy Apple) is warm toned and more of an orange red shade, while the right one (Cherry Tart) is pink/blue based.
The candy apple one is much more pigmented while the cherry tart has a more obvious shimmer.
I love them both and to my surprise, the candy apple shade looked great on me, even if i have really pink undertones. I would say it's a neutral/balanced warm red color (if that makes sense!)

Where to find?
They are still not widely available in Europe. They have launched in UK but i'm not sure about other european countries. I got mine from ebay at a reasonable price.

Bottom line: I would repurchase more of these. I recommend them if you want a lip product sheer and fresh looking with moisturizing properties and a pop of colour.

Have you tried them? 

Apr 7, 2012

The disgusting hair mask : An Easter Experiment

Hello girls! It's almost Easter (for some this sunday for others next sunday), not my favorite holiday but it's ok as long as i don't have to go to school. Today i realized how dull and dry my hair looks. It's damaged and frizzy. So i was thinking... what haven't i done to my hair?

Warning: If you are pregnant or hate eggs you still have time to run. This is the most disgusting hair mask ever tried by humans.

What you 'll need:

2 eggs (the fresher the nastier!)
1 tsp of mayonnaise (don't go light girl!)
1 tsp honey
1 tsp of jojoba oil or olive oil (for extra greasiness i used both)

Step 1 

Beat the eggs and add the oil(s).

Step 2
Add the mayonnaise and keep beating.

Step 3 (optional)
Put in the microwave for the tiniest amount of time (or the eggs with cook and become an omelette!)
This way it will be easier to melt the honey.

Step 4
Add the honey and whisk.

Ta da!


As you can see i kinda left the eggs more time in the microwave hence the tiny bulbs of cooked egg
inside my bowl. No problem! I took them out with a fork! Also, i applied it with a hair dye applicator brush for a more even application. You can just pour it on your hair directly. I left it on my hair for about 25 minutes (i put it in a high bun) till the egg looked crunchy. 

IMPORTANT! Rinse out with lukewarm to cool water. Do not use warm/hot water or you'll end up with a mayonnaise-omelete on your head!

This is extremely disgusting but really really really nourishing hair mask. Just make sure you don't smell it... i did it... and i recommend you not to do it!!

Would you try that???