Mar 12, 2012

February Favorites

Hello gorgeous! (stolen line :p)
It's been a really long time since i did my last favorites post! During February (and January) it's been really hectic and crazy with school.I really don't have much time for experiments with makeup. These products are a must for me, if you have no time to get ready every morning! They are all fool-proof!

1. Soap and glory No Clogged Pores Allowed! 
OOkkk girls... holly grail alert here.. Best "chemical" scrub ever? I'm using it while i'm in the shower, i rub it on my face, let it burn for a minute, once it comes in contact with water turns into a funky blue shade. Then i let it on for 1 minute and wash off. Seriously soft skin! I  had severe dryness and this helped sooo much!

2. Simple Day Face Cream & Simple Kind to eyes revitalizing eye roll-on
I use this cream everyday since december and for it's price, i 'd say it does wonders. Lightweight, absorbs fast and locks moisture in my skin.Good for all skin types, even the oilier ones, since it's moisturizing but not at all greasy. This roll-on has been a favorite for me during the last 3-4 months. This thing wakes my super tired eyes at 7am each morning! (i use it on the weekend as well). Dries instantly leaving the under eye area soft, revitalized and ready for concealer :P It's absolutely amazing if you tend to get these nasty "milia" under your eyes.

3. Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo.
I am not a stinky girl, i swear! I'm just tooo busy to wash my hair sometimes, if you have bangs i bet you can understand me perfectly! You need a small amount of this powder, just rub it on the roots. You get instant volume and matte finish hair! My favorite thing about it, is that you dont get a grey tint (for brunettes).


1.Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation
My skin this year due to stress and anxiety,tends to get dry, dull looking and full of random blemishes. This mineral foundation feels incredibly light on the skin, doesn't make my face cakey and patchy while keeping it shine free (combination skin girl). The color adjusts to the skin perfectly and provides really decent coverage for everyday use. To tell you the truth i thought mineral foundations were just powders, giving an ugly texture to the skin. This one proves me wrong. Holly grail alert here too...

2. NYX Concealer in a jar- Shade light (CB02)
This little guy has been an on and off everyday staple. Medium coverage, blends beautifully and lasts long. I'm not saying it's creaseless (you should be stupid to think that there are cream concealers which don't crease) but overall fulfills my "needs".

3. Elf Matte Bronzer
This is a totally effortless product to use. I use the blusher side and sometimes the matte bronzer side. Blends very well without much effort and flatters my skintone. The blusher inside is quite on the peachy-brown side but still with SUPER balanced tones. Keep in mind that i am really fair with neutral undertones tending to pink undertones and i have freckles, hence i avoid really orange colours. Even though it's peachiness is not that much for me. This little palette contains 4 shades, 1 blush-like, 2 bronzer (a light and a deeper one) and one cream powder which looks translucent on the skin. (Still i haven't figured out how to use it on its one, i think you are supposed to swirl your brush in it and use the 4 shades blended as a bronzer, i haven't tried that yet).

4.Elf Flat top Powder Brush
A really famous brush and well loved by me! (i painted the tip green, because i have another one for liquid foundation only) I use it for both! I know I am a bad girl, but in the morning (i wake up around 7:30 am and have to be at school by 7:55am) i don't bother with many brushes. First i use it with my mineral foundation, after blush and sometimes bronzer.

5.Sleek Lip Polish in Frosting
I even tweeted about it! It's the most moisturizing lip polish ever. Lately i compared it to the sooo sooo hyped up Revlon Lip butters but honestly, the Sleek one is 5 times more moisturizing and less sticky. (i am planning on a Sleek VS Revlon Lip Butters showdown) (For its honour i'll post a super big picture below!)

6. Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Raspberry Bite
This lipstick is really hard to tell it's colour. On the tube it looks identical to MAC's Media lipstick. Looks like a vamp dark raspberry burgundy shade. BUT!When applied looks like a bright pinky raspberry shade! I felt so deceived when realized that! Although i showed it (and still showing) much love! Below you can see the swatches!

messy swatch! 

                                                             Non makeup favorites!
These months i've been loving this bracelet! I bought it from e-stardust it was really cheap, i think around 2-3 euros? I love the pearl and the blue skull makes it really funky and edgy! Love it! Make sure you check it out, it has really affordable pieces! It's a greek e-shop and i'm trying to support honest and professional efforts! (truly my opinion, i'm not affiliated with the shop)

Also i'm obsessed with Vampire Diaries(even bought a poster, it decorates my wall above my bed! I don't know, i just feel safe with Damon over my head :X) I can't wait for the next episode!!!!
Bth Gossip Girl sucks... no Chair no Fun! 

Did you see my mosquito bite? Where the heck did i find a mosquito in this cold??? (of course i scratched it till it bled )

What's your favorites for February?


  1. Α πολύ ωραία αγαπημένα! Να σε ρωτήσω τα soap & glory τα πήρες από κάπου Online? Θα ήθελα να δοκιμάσω μερικά πράγματα

    1. Yep i got them from ebay :) There are many good sellers. I used to buy them from asos, but now they don't send these particularly here.

  2. Sleek Lip Polish!!!!Δείχνει φανταστικό!!
    Αν θέλεις ρίξε μια ματιά!!

  3. The Sleek Pout Polish and the Elf Bronzer both look fantastic!

  4. I love Sleek pout polish!

    p.s. I've tagged you in my post, check it out ;)

  5. Vlepw polla agglika proinda kai zileuw !! Thelw kai egw anastasia :) xo

  6. Ohh to 1o face scrube thelw polu n t dokimasw alla mallon einai polu duskolo n t vrw! oso g t proionta lush t agapaw! <3


  7. I am a total dry shampoo addict!!! I shall have to try the lush one!!

  8. I just love the pout polish...

  9. Very nice products, I want the Sleek =)


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