Dec 1, 2011

Favorites: November

Hello girls !
It's officially December!!! These are the products I've been loving during November!

1. SkinFood Aloe BB Cream(shade 1)
I've been loving this BB Cream for almost a year now. (Review here)

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (01 translucent)
One of my latest discoveries! Mini review: If you have combination or oily skin you have to try this! It makes my face shine-free without primer without making me look cakey!!!Sometime all I use is this over my moisturiser. The paradox about it? I can definitely see some shimmer in there. (yes I'm not crazy see for yourself!) ------------>

3. Elf Powder Brush (flat top) & Elf Contour Brush
Really similar to the famous Sigma F80 Flat top kabuki brush. Works great with liquids and powders. I got 2, one for powder and one for my BB cream. (like my funky brush tails? It's really easy to do! Let me know if you'd like a how-to tutorial)

4. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (light)
Ok I sincerely love this product. It's really great. I know in my review(link here) I wasn't that excited, but now I can definitely work with it. It's truly amazing. I used to find it too cakey and heavy, but now I found the key to make it work. I have to blend it with a fluffy brush NOT WITH FINGERS! So I use it with my Elf contour brush.

5. Bare Minerals Mini Flawless Face Brush (from a try-me kit)
I use it with blusher. Love it! It's soo softy softy!

6. Bourjois Blusher in Rose De Jaspe 95
This blush is a staple. It's ideal for winter! It has a very fine shimmer, perfect for everyday,just for a bit of colour!

7. Simple Face Creams (day&night)
My skin is seriously dry now. I use these two daily and I've seen my skin texture improving!!
They are also super cheap! (Especially now,with that economy, I feel much better after giving up my ridiculously expensive Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser. (review coming up soon to the entire Simple line)

8. Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk : One word: Amazing! The scent? The moisture? It's by far one of the best body milks I've ever used! I got it on sale for 4 euro and has lasted for 2 1/2 months(everyday use).

9. (Non makeup related) Simple diamond stud earrings & Asos Stud Earrings with Animal Foil Inlay
These animal print studs look so flattering with total black outfits.

Do you have any favorites for this month??


  1. I ordered a couple of days ago the Rimmel Powder and I can't wait for it to arrive. This month I loved my Purity moisturizer for sensitive skin, as it did not break my skin out for 2 months in a row (with the korres moisturizer it only took 10 days :( ).I also love Revlon's Colorstay foundation which I combine with a foundation by MyFace Cosmetics! Thanks for sharing! I'll investigate the Bourjois blush as it looks more than interesting!

  2. Oh lovely favorites!!
    Πρεπει να τσεκαρω αυτη την πουδρα γιατι αρχιζω να ξεμενω κ παντα χρειαζομαι κατι για την λιπαροτητα!
    Θα περιμενω με ανυπομονησια το ριβιου για τις κρεμες γιατι ειμαι σε αναζητηση μιας οικονομικης κρεμας που να ειναι οκ με λιπαρο δερμα..

  3. πολύ ωραια πραγματάκια, αλλα ερωτευτηκα τα animal print σκουλαρικια!! φανταστικα! :)

  4. hmm nice favorites! :D

  5. πολυ ωραιες προτασεις...κραταω το κονσιλερ και θα το ψαξω να το βρω γιατι εχω μεγα θεμα με τους κυκλους.

  6. Lovely collection of items! Sumfono apoluta gia tis kremes tis Simple. Ki ego exo en8ousiastei apo tote pou tis anakalupsa. Kai sigoura i kali timi einai ena megalo +

  7. Ωραία favorites εγώ δεν ξεκινούν από τη ΒΒ cream της Garnier κ τη YSL μάσκαρα μου!!!

  8. food??? δεν εχω δοκιμάσει ακομα αλλα ακουω καλα λόγια απο παντου΄...τα πινελα elf ηταν καλά;;;χμ..μηπως πρεπει να βαλω παραγγελία;; εγω λόγω χρόνου δεν εβγαλα τα αγαπημεν του Νοεμβριου αλλα εχω να πω πως το νουμερο ενα θα ηταν το gelee απο ΕSTEE LAUDER και το idealist απο serum παλι Estee.τα χρησιμοποιώ καθε μέρα σχεδόν!!

    nice blog by the way..i 'm following you!! ;-)


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