Nov 22, 2011

Custom Lingerie is true! Just launched!

Hi everyone! I hope you all have a beautiful week!

Do you remember a previous post about a new website where you can get custom lingerie sets according to your personal taste? (If don't, it's ok here is the link)
Adore me website has officially launched! What you can do? Wanna know more?

"Adore Me is the first lingerie website that offers a personalized selection of bedroom delicates that are hand picked by their stylists. "

1. Create Your 2-Minute Style Profile
2. Receive Your First Selection
3. Choose Your Favorite
4. Build Credits5. Your Monthly Lingerie Showroom: Once you become an official member of Adore Me, your billing information will be kept on file and you will be charged ($39.95 on the sixth day of each month), which includes a credit for one item in your showroom, our stylists, and the benefits of membership. If you don't find anything you want to purchase that month, you can easily opt to skip that month at no cost to you.

6. Skip the Month: You don't have to choose something every month. Just visit your showroom and make sure you skip by (the fifth day of any month), so you won't be charged. There is no limit to the number of months you can skip and you only need to skip once per month. If you choose to skip the month and then change your mind, you can still make a purchase from your showroom. You cannot skip a month by phone or email. If you haven't entered your billing information or your first order, then your credit card will not be charged and you do not need to request to skip.
7. Request Alternate Selections: If you don't see anything you want in your showroom, but want to see more styles, you can request a second selection of lingerie. Just click the link to request alternates in your showroom.

Currently Adore Me only ships in US/Canada for Free! (lucky you US/Canada readers!)
But I believe they will soon start shipping worldwide! (I'll let you know!)

For more visit Adore Me

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