Sep 19, 2011

How are you Barry M ? Peachy...

I know it's been a long time no see (no post!), but while doing latin (i know...) i was playing around (only for a few seconds) with the latest addition to my nail polish collection!

Barry M Nail Paint - Peach Melba

I know it's not the ideal colour for fall, but i like it, just because it's not fall yet! The weather is still hot and steamy here! Besides, many girls prefer a more "neutral" and "minimal"manicure even in the winter.

It's my first Barry M nail paint!

Color : Peach/pinky-peach/ slightly on the neon side of orange/peach. (i think you got it :P)

Things I like about this

1. Great color , totally opaque in just 2 coats!
2. Nice sturdy packaging.
3. Lasts about 3-4 days ? without a top coat.
4. Quite cheap -  2.50 pounds

Things I don't like (or not so sure about)

1. Thin applicator, slightly streaky (or tricky) to apply
2. After the second coat, it gets a bit.. bubbly on top ?

WARNING ! Tiny nails , i'm getting through my nail biting addiction. 

So... let the pictures talk for themselves!

(tiny applicator - latin on the background)

So are you fan of Barry M nail paints? Have you tried them ?
Do you recommend any colors ?


  1. Such a sweet colour, very pretty! I only have one BarryM nail polish in Dusky Mauve and I really like it!

  2. That looks a lot like essie van d go which I love by the way!! Wish we could compare them. But yours cost so much less...

  3. I like this muted coral its great for autumn winter!!! Stop bitting your nails dear!!!!!

  4. @Kerasia i don't own van d go but trust me , for 2.5 pounds you can't go wrong!

    @Demi it is great indeed. I'm trying to stop this really annoying and embarrassing habit, but it's so difficult! I do it only out of stress and anxiety. I 'm using a clear nail polish with bitter taste :P i'll do a review if everything ends up well :D

  5. Wow fantastiko xrwma!
    Psaxnw kairo ena tetoio..
    Tha to shmeiwsw gia mellontikh agora..

  6. ti omorfo xrwmaaa!! :D to 8elw!



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