Aug 8, 2011

Skin79 Super BB Cream Triple Function

Hello girls! I hope everyone is doing great! I have a review for you today... 
It's one of the most popular BB creams, i've seen it on youtube and on many other blogs!

Skin79 Super BB Cream Triple Function

            (very artistic pic ha?)

Easy to use ? 
So this is how it looks, it's in this hot pink sleek bottle with a pump! Yes it has a pump !! Yayy
You can easily control how much product you want. You can apply it with clean hands, regular foundation brush, sponge or even a flat top kabuki brush for extra coverage.

What does it do ?
This BB cream is for all skin types! Surprisingly! It works on combination, oily and dry skin! 
Provides decent (light/medium) coverage, while nourishing the skin and of course it leaves it smooth and supple ! 

The company claims : "whitening/wrinkles improvement. It is a 3 effects functional BB cream. The Adenosine and Arbutus ingredients , which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin. Intercept ultraviolet rays UVA UVB at the some time to protect your skin from sun. " (I am not sure if it makes sense, these are ingredients in this BB cream). 

It has SPF 25 PA++ (certified by KFDA)
After use the skin looks fresh without the "mask effect" many foundations give.
It has brightening properties. After application the skin looks brighter and more radiant.

It looks LIKE SKIN! 

Before - with a bad skin day!  
After! On the left with powder on top and on the right without  

Shades ?
The thing with BB creams is that since they are marketed for Asian people, there are not many shades for medium and darker/tan skin tones. This BB cream is only one shade! If you have heard about this BB cream before, you must know that the weird thing about it , is the grey tint. I was afraid of not working for pink toned skin tones, but it appeared it suits all skin tones (yellow/pink) thanks to that grey tint! But don't worry, after a few seconds on the skin, this BB creams blends beautifully and you never end up with a ghostly looking- grey face!

(Left: non blended / right : blended..yes all that product blended on the back of my hand!)

I would say it could fit from very pale skin tones to medium ones. I wore it a few times in summer, while i am quite tanned and it worked fine. No ghost face ;)

(click the pictures to enlarge, they are HD)

If you are oily to very oily you might need a face primer to keep the BB cream in place...make sure it doesn't slide off your face. Works well with or without powder. It depends on the finish you want.

Where to find ?
Ebay or Amazon 

Recommend ?
Τοtally! Compared to other BB creams i've tried this is by far the best. The coverage is better and the lasting power even better! If you enjoy BB creams you have to try it!


  1. Thanks so much for this review hun! I wanted to try it but I wasn't sure, now I definitely will! The packaging is lovely, isn't it?

  2. Thn eixa hdh sthn wish list k twra thn thelw akoma perissotero!
    Teleio review :)

    Y.G Kathe fora pou pataw stis photo h gia na dhmosieysw sxolio synexeia me bgazei se kati diafhmistikes selides.. Not cool :(

  3. @ glittermeup thanks hun ;)
    @natalie the packaging is gorgeous !!! very handy
    @artemi sorry akoma den exw ftiaksei tis ruthmiseis kala, eixa kai ena bug ston blogger. nomizw twra einai ok ;) thanks pou mou to pes! einai must buy auto i bb cream artemi!

  4. Thanks for the review, I haven't tried this specific brand yet ^_^

  5. Kai panw pou tha lega oti tin eixa dei stin Artemi kai eixa skopo na tin agorasw...xaxaxa kai diavazw oti den tin exei! Mipws exw pathei psyxwsh me tin Artemi??? :)

    Loipon, me epeises!!! Kai panw pou anarwtiomoun gia to poia tha itan h epomenhmou agora!!!
    Na se rwtisw kati? Exw akousei oti kykloforoun kai maimoudakia...elpizw na min tin patisw e?

  6. @ Kerasia

    nooppp ! den exw akousei tipota tetoio! eksallou den einai kai toso akrivi gia na vgoune maimoudes! :P An tin pares apo amazon tha eisai sigouri pantos ;)

  7. @Cel Korean beauty products are getting better and better all the time! this brand is great, i also have a lipstick from them! it's amazing.

  8. lovely review for now I'm stuck to a regural face cream I don't know why but I'm afraid of the ingredients of such creams even if I have tried tones of parabens and mineral oils! nice review here!

  9. @Demi this works as a tinted moisturizer. I've checked all their ingredients, they are all safe. The only downside is that it contains methyloparaben, which is obviously a paraben (preservative). No mineral oils included.
    These products are Korean, not chinese. Imagine that Korea has a very strict FDA (just like the american one). I've been using BB creams for almost a year and I've never had any reaction.


  10. Tin exw kai egw k apo tote pou tin agorasa den exw valei ksana foundation! Prosfata agorasa tin SKIN79 VIP GOLD pou einai sxedon idia me tin PINK.

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