Aug 7, 2011

July Favorites & mini reviews

Hi everyone ! I hope you are all enjoying summertime !
Here are some of my favorite picks during July.


1. Bioderma Sensibio makeup remover 
This is the best eye/face makeup remover for sensitive eyes and skin! It's just like water. If it happened to get in your eyes, you won't feel a thing! Removes beautifully even waterproof makeup, especially mascara and eyeliner.

2. Pure nature organize burdock extract purifying clay mask (by oriflame)
Purifying mask for acne prone/oily skin. Used 1-2 times a week. Deep cleanses the skin. Great before using nose strips.

3. 100% Aloe Vera Gel 
Amazing moisturizer for summer. Especially for normal/combination/oily skin. Non greasy or sticky, absorbs super fast. Easy to find at any pharmacy/drugstore at low cost. 

4. Hair velcro fringe pad
One of my new discoveries! These little pads hold the fringe out of the face without ruining the hair after styling. 

 Makeup & Nails

5. Urban Decay All-nighter makeup setting spray

Great setting spray. It sets the makeup, while removing the powdery effect after makeup. Leaves the skin natural looking. Makeup lasts up to 10 hours.

6. Elf mineral infused face primer 
Great & cheap primer. Makeup last much more on and of course there is no shine! Works well with the setting spray. Great for summertime and high humidity.

7. Elf studio flat top powder brush & elf translucent matte powder 
This combo works as a light coverage foundation. First spray 1-2 times on the powder brush and dip into the powder. Then apply in a buffing motion to the skin. Matte finish and no powdery effect!
EU/US (brush) & EU/US (powder)

8. Elf Cream Duo eyeshadow in Mocha swirl (review here)
Just apply the light shade all over the lid, then dup a little of the brown shade on the outer corner. Super simple to do. Add (optionally) some eyeliner & mascara.

9. Pupa Lasting nail polish in M090 (bright neon pink-coral color)
Available at hondos & Italy 

What's your favorites for July ?


  1. Lovely favorites!
    Ta dika mou ta ksereis :P
    Polla filia!!

  2. poli omorfes epiloges!!!kirios g ioulio 8a elega mano oti xrisimopoio...:P

  3. Den exw valei tipota olo ton Ioulio me e3airesh th vaftish...ase pou eimai k se fash.."den agapw tipota den thelw tipota"...exoume tipota anadromo???

  4. @ all , thanks :D

    @ kerasia , what's your sign ? i need to know to tell you about that :p

  5. ase exeis anadromo ermi...apapapapa alleges... ruzikes allages :p

  6. Den to pisteuw...mipws prepei na arxisw na asxoloumai me ta zwdia telika?????
    Ontws exoun erthei ta panw katw tous teleutaious 2-3 mines...xmmmm...grigora enan astrologo parakalw!!!!

  7. afto to bioderma einai korifaio....

  8. @lenti nit

    den exw dokimasei pio teleio makeup remover, den erethizei katholou ta matia

  9. Την έχω κι εγώ αυτή τη μάσκα από Oriflame και μου αρέσει πολύ! Και το aloe vera gel φυσικά! Το powder brush το ψεκάζεις με αυτό το setting spray; Τι όμορφο χρωματάκι το βερνίκι, πολύ καλοκαιρινό!!

  10. @natalie Ναι, όταν βαριέμαι και δεν έχω όρεξη, ψεκάζω λίγο το πινέλο και μετά πριν στεγνώσει το περνάω στην πούδρα και καταλήγει να είναι λίγο matte αλλά χωρίς να φαίνεται ότι έχω πούδρα.


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