Jul 31, 2011

Awakening Consciousness: A woman's guide

Robin Marvel

Marvelous Spirit Press(2010)
ISBN 9781615990641

We live in a material world, many times forgetting about everything else. Awakening consciousness: A woman's guide is that book, which will encourage you to explore and embrace your inner world - your spirituality. 

The book focuses on the empowerment of women though different approaches. You will learn the meaning of positive/negative energy, what your vibrations mean, what auras are, how chakras work, what dreams mean, how to connect with the Earth, ways to appreciate and be grateful and how to properly meditate, as well as how these will effect the woman inside you

The best thing about it, is that it is comprehensible. The majority of books with this subject is complexed and impossible to completely get to the point. On the contrary, Robin Marvel's book has clear language -which every woman can understand . In each chapter you have the opportunity to express yourself through writing your thoughts about each subject. Many chapters are accompanied with exercises and helpful illustration. 

Robin Marvel's book respects the reader, unlike other books with similar content written by "charlatans".This book is (honestly) totally recommended to all women out there, who want to "get their power back". Awakening consciousness: a woman's guide is a captivating book. You get the opportunity to understand meanings, which you always wanted but you couldn't (because of their complexity). I would describe it as " a book that awakens your true self from deep deep inside".

I think it helped me taste (as I am in my late-teens) a little bit of that wisdom every woman is capable of having. 

This book was sent to me for review. The opinions are always mine and totally honest.

Which are your thought about books with spiritual content?

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