Jun 5, 2011

May Faves and Regrets

Hello and ...good very very early morning :) It's a very very hot night ... As i was planning (and recently requested by Natalie) these are my favorite (and a regret) products and mostly used during May !

1) 100% pure aloe vera gel (almost gone! favorite moisturizer)
2) NYX concealer in jar - Beige with Elf blending brush
3) Benefit - Bluffdust & puff (yellow powder counteracts with redness)
Gives flawless finish!
4) Aknicare Cream (lightwight gel prevents blemishes)
5) Oriflame Pancy Flower soothing eye gel (very moisturizing & cooling gel)
6)Oriflame very me eyeliner in Mocha Loca
7)Elf clear nail polish (using it as a top coat)
8) Eyeko nail polish - Nude (loving it, i have it on my toes for a pastel stylish pedi)
9) Elf liquid lipstick in Perfect Pink (if you like sticky lips - stunning shade)
10) Vichy capital soleil sunblock ! I forgot to include it in the picture above! but it's my favorite like 3 months now!

(here is the swatch of the elf liquid lipstick in Perfect Pink)

This month I quitted my BB cream or any foundation , since the weather is sooo hot !

And my regret....

Sorry Barry M , i had so many expectations after trying out your lipglosses. But the lip paints? Terrible...
No pigmentation... Looks like a lipbalm, but not a moisturizing one! Only makes dry patches on the lips...
I got the Dolly Pink shade... terrible

Which are your favorites for May ? 
Do you regret buying something?

Kisses Anastasiaaaa


  1. Hi!
    Nice post!
    Does the Elf liquid lipstick in Perfect Pink give any colour to your lips?

  2. yes ! my lips are already very pigmented but it gives a nice glossy pink tint! I forgot to include the swatch! I'll add it now , so you can see :)
    thank you :)

  3. never heard of aknicare cream...I have a lot of break out lately..due to the sun and stress...where can I find it?

  4. it is available on pharmacies. Just ask for synchroline aknicare range. They have a cleanser, a toner and that cream. It is really effective and prevents blemishes. I use it when I feel my skin will break out.

  5. Λατρευω αυτα ποστ σου!

    Θελω πηροφοριες για το 100% pure aloe vera gel!
    Ειναι καλο για την υπερ-λιπαρη επιδερμιδα μου?
    Που το βρισκω κλπ..
    Ειμαι στην φαση αναζητησης μιας καλης ενυδατικης για το καλοκαιρι κ οχι μονο..


  6. Kai to diko mou aloe vera teleiwnei, prepei na parw kainourio. Wow, to Elf liquid lipstick in Perfect Pink fainetai teleio!! Einai kalo to Oriflame Pancy Flower soothing eye gel, e? Egw exw parei to ka8aristiko ths seiras alla den to exw xrhsimopoihsei akoma.

  7. @ artemi, exw post-afierwma me entupwseis gia to gel alois! pistepse me prepei na to pareis! egw afisa to clinique dramatically different gel gia to pure aloe gel!

    @natalie kai mena teleiwnei xaxaxa kai xreiazomai epeigontws! to liquid lipstick einai polu diakritiko k classy xrwma, alla ligo sticky... emena vevaia den me peirazei! twra to pansy gel , den einai kati polu spoudaio, apla einai polu enudatiko, to vazw prin to concealer kai aplwnetai pio omoiomorfa, mou to eixan steilei dwro :)

  8. polu wreo post!!! eidika to lipgloss fantastiko!!


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