May 23, 2011

Private shopping

Hello girls! I hope you all are well !

These days I am all about flash posts , due to lack of time. This is another one :P
I was thinking that summer is almost here and we usually buy "summery" things for our holidays or generally for the season. This is like an open invitation for this private shopping website , which is hopefully greek!

I've seen that these sites are very popular in USA (hautelook etc) and when I saw the BrandsGalaxy ad I was super excited! It has just launched (a few months ago) and there are not many big campaigns, but as I see they offer more and more discounts on more brands each week (including fashion, accessories and beauty!).

So... to join this online e-shop you have to be invited by someone. Thankfully I was invited by a friend and now I am able to invite as many as I want ! :D All you have to do (if you'd like to join) is to sign up using this link which will redirect you to the brandsgalaxy website register page through me.

I earn nothing from these invitations. I am not paid to advertise, just excited to share this with you ! :)

Enjoy the sun ! and..
Have a nice week :)



  1. I was a member for some time but I placed my first order yesterday (Guess gifts for my friends). Let's hope everything will arrive in one piece :)

  2. I have ordered several times from them. Everything was nicely packaged.The only thing is tha they arrive minimun in 2 weeks.


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