Apr 23, 2011

Update & Chit Chat

Hello girls :)
How are you ? Are you having some good time on holidays ?
While I am waiting to be amazed by the annual phenomenon of falling stars from the sky (shooting stars) , I am watching "I love you, man" on novacinema (just finished) and also updating my blog ! 

These days are really hectic, since there are soo many things and preparations for Sunday. Many things to be bought!(and someone has to help mum with cleaning etc)My time is mostly spend with housework,homework and some fun ofc :p like relaxing and hanging out with my bf ;) (who actually started reading my blog :P) i feel slightly embarrassed but i'll have to live with that!

But i found the time to do some things... 

I joined the EYEKO ambassador programme, for instance.
This means that every time you use my code on your purchase you get a FREE GIFT !Just go to the eyeko website through my banner and the code will be automatically added. Soon there will be a review on some products that I've been loving for almost a year now. (I buy from eyeko often)

(You get a gift for orders of £15/$20/€18 and over)

So this is my fast update :) I am too sleepy to stay awake for any longer !Seems like I won't manage to watch the stars. 

Please let me know how and where you're spending your vacation!
I wish you all 

Happy Easter :)


  1. Congrats for joining the ambassador programme, I can't wait for your reviews!! Hope you had a great day today! :D Χρόνια Πολλά, Χριστός Ανέστη!

  2. thank youu :D Αληθώς Ανέστη ! My day was great indeed ! I might have eaten a bit more lamb than usual but whatever It's Easter who cares :p

  3. Can't wait for the reviews eiter!I own some of their fab polishes and glosses, and I'll soon place another order for the magic mascara and some fat balms.
    Kalh mera kai kalh bdomada!

  4. I own almost all their nail polishes and I am amazed! Last summer i bought like 2 sets! My next post will be a review :)


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