Apr 30, 2011

Eyeko Nail Polishes: Review

Hello girls !!! 
This post is about Eyeko nail polishes/varnishes.

Nicely boxed and shipped very fast. These nail polishes come in 8.5 ml 0.30fl oz
There are 13 shades and occasionally some LTD ones. The applicator/brush is very thin compared to an OPI nail polish. It's closer to an ESSIE brush. Its staying power is 4-5 days, but it depends sometimes on each person's nails.

Consistency & Application
Quite fluid-y. It's definitely not thick! It applies very smoothly , no streaking. The first coat dries very fast. For a perfect manicure you need 2 coats when using the glittery and the light shades.

Where to buy ?
You can get these at Eyeko website. They retail for 5 euro /6 dollars / 5 pounds
The shipping is FREE in EU and UK. Free worldwide shipping on orders over 55$.

Indigo: Beautiful indigo/navy color with blue reflecting shimmer. Opaque with 2 coats.

Nude : Sheer pink-orang-y shade with some shimmer.
 1 coat for a light peachy color and with 2 you get this exact color above. 

Petite: Milky pink. Sheer, but with 2-3 coats is very opaque.
Great for french manicure !

 Posh : My favorite shade. 
It's a taupe color , super pigmented. I use only 1 coat.

Vampira : A unique shade, shows really nice after the 2nd coat.
 It's an exact dupe of China Glaze Lubu Heels. 

Cosmic: True black color with multicolored glitter. 
Stunning shade and very rare, because the glitter is visible and sparcly.

These are the colors I have so far. Unfortunately there are no nails to do swatches on! I bite them a lot lately (damn stress from studying @#!%!) but the photos correspond to the actual look you 'll get on your nails.

If you decide to buy eyeko polishes make sure you use my code E15589 
This week's gift is Liptastik in Lip lover worth 7 euro !

Hope you liked it !! 
Have you tried any Eyeko nail polishes ?
Do you intend to buy any ?


  1. Eyeko nail polishes look sooo pretty, the packaging and the colors!! I just wish they were more affordable. :)

  2. yes i agree with you, but when you buy an OPI or an Essie for 15-20 euros these are very affordable for their quality ;)

  3. i really like the black with glitters (because i'm a glitter junkie) and the petit polish(nude-pink color) megiaaa ! :D


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