Mar 5, 2011

I've got a trend and's red !

Good afternoon everyone ! 
I was thinking that since spring is almost around the corner, it would be pointless to talk about the major fall/winter  red/dark lip color. But red lip is classic and never goes out of fashion so why not... 

You can still rock in that bold red (or even vampy) lipstick if you know how to choose the right shade!

When you choose an intense lip color , always go natural on the rest of your face, meaning : no crazy eyeshadows or carnival blush. 

There are several different shades of red to choose from, and each shade is designed to bring out the color of a different skin tone. You should be able to tell if you have cool, warm or neutral undertones.

  • If you are warm-toned, you will want to look for a red lipstick with orange or brownish undertones, such as brick, copper, wine, coral or tomato red colors. The darker and deeper your skin is, the more pigmented and deeper the red lipstick should be.

  • If you are cool-toned, you will want to look for a red lipstick with pink or blue undertones, such as ruby, garnet, berry, cranberry, fire engine red or fuchsia red colors.

The right shade of lipstick will make your face brighter.

Also you should know that :
  • If your lips are too small or too thin, red lips are not the best choice for you. Dark, bold lipsticks do nothing else but optically make your lips look even smaller than they really are.
  • Make sure your lips are well moisturized without flakes. Scrub them with some honey and sugar and wash them away with lukewarm water.Then apply lipbalm.

  • Don't apply directly from the lipstick onto your lips. First use a lip liner which matches the shade of your lipstick. Outline and fill your lips with the lipliner.Then use a lip brush to evenly distribute the lipstick. The lip brush will apply the lipstick perfectly.
Matte or Glossy ? 

A matte lipstick stays on longer than a glossy lipstick, but it is drier and harder to apply than glossier lipsticks. A glossy lipstick will be easier to apply, but it will also run, smear and fade. A creamy-matte lipstick moisturizes your lips, has decent staying power and doesn't smudge, smear or rub off easily. If you choose, you can use lip balms, lip stains and lip glosses to add a more subdued red to your lips, without using lipstick.

Blue based lipsticks make your teeth look whiter rather than orange ones.

Have you rocked in a bold red lip yet ?
 What's your favorite red lipstick ?

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  1. Poly endiaferon to post!
    Eimai latrhs tou bold red lip..
    To foraw syxna..
    Exw diafora agaphmena..teleytaia latreyw to Scralet Red apo Jordana,apolyto matte kokkino..apla yperoxo k mono 1.49$!!!!
    Polla filia


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