Mar 16, 2011

Beauty On A Budget : Elf Brushes Review/Guide

Being in the hunt for good quality brushes but without spending 100+ euros for a full set was a challenge for me. At these times we shouldn't splurge on makeup brushes that cost 20+ euros each just because they are by high end brands. So, I started trying new brushes and here is what I came up with!

Elf Brushes!
Really cheap but excellent quality! These are available in Europe through their UK based website and also in the US.
Categories :

Their brushes are categorized : Studio / Professional / Bamboo 

Professional : These are their basic brushes. There are 14 of them 
I own these :

(From the left : Smudge, blending, foundation, slanted bronzing and total face brush)
 Each one costs 1,70 euro 
I am currenty in love with the first three brushes in the picture above. 

1) Smudger : it's really nice, very handy and smudges fast the eyeliner.

2) Blending : the bristles are sooo soft! I wanted a smaller brush for my crease and this is exactly 
what i've been looking for. 

3)Foundation brush: it's also very soft and has a velvety and not plastic-like feel. It's a dupe for Benefit foundation brush !

  • Unfortunately I am not a fan of the 2 face brushes. I first bought the crease brush and i thought that if the e/s brush is that soft then the face brushes would be as soft too, but i was wrong. Both the bronzing and the total face brushes are scratchy-feeling on the skin. 

Studio : These ones have different packaging , black sleek and have a wider variety than the professional ones.

I recently bought those and I think they are absolutely amazing for their price (4 euro)

1) Stipple brush:  I've been trying to find a good stipple or stippling brush to apply these really pigmented and bright blushers. It's also firm enough to apply foundation too. The bristles are super soft. I think it's a great deal since this kind of brushes is expensive.

2) Complexion brush:  I also bought the complexion brush. Once again the bristles are synthetic but very soft and gentle to the skin. It's small enough to apply blusher or bronzer but big enough for powder.

As for the bamboo ones I haven't tried them yet, but I am willing to !

Overall, i would definitely recommend these brushes to anyone who's looking for an affordable alternative to expensive ones. They are good quality and for their price it's a bargain.I've washed them and if you use brush guards they will stay in shape for a long time! (and even if you don't use brush guards they will be the same , but maybe the complexion and the stipple brush loose slightly their shape)

Have you tried the elf brushes ? What do you think of them ? 
What brushes to you use ?


  1. Exw mono to eyeshadow brush apo thn Professional line..k ena tha sou xrhsimopoiw sxedon kathhmerina k den exw mpei sto kopo na parw allhs markas,exw hdh 3!
    Den exw dokimasei alla gia to blending thelw alla oses fores parhggeila htan out of stock :(
    Sigoura kapoia stigmh tha paraggeilw k alla..
    Filakia :)

  2. Exw ki egw ta eyeshadow, blending kai foundation brushes apo thn professional line kai mou aresoun poly! Apo studio exw pali eyeshadow kai to powder brush, eksikou latremena! To stipple brush einai to epomeno pou thelw na parw :) Nice post!

  3. teleio post, to complexion brush fenete panemorfo gia aploma tis pudras! :))))) exo to Studio Powder brush kai skopeuo na to xrisimopiiso gia na valo to mineral foundation mou... :)


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