Feb 27, 2011

Skin miracle: Aveda Exfoliant

This is my first english post :) I decided to write in both greek and english as i've seen many english posts in greek blogs. So I've been wondering about what to write and I thought it would be nice to talk to you about my favorite exfoliant - toner by Aveda . 

How does it work ?

The first contact with this was when my brother (from uk) brought it here at home. I was skeptical because it says "exfoliant" while it's just a watery liquid without any kind of grit. I think they named it exfoliant because it effectively removes all dead skin cells from the skin's surface. It contains Salycilic Acid . Salycilic Acid, when used in good quantity in products, can have good impact on the skin and can exfoliate at the same time. Salycilic acid exfoliates without grains, so you get an even finish all over the face and pores are tightened.

What skin types ?

 I would recommend this to all skin types as the Salycilic Acid content in this is not as high as other products on the market, so you get an even finish without aggrevating the skin. It might be even more effective on people with oily skin but it won't dry out non oily skin types, because the alcohol levels are low.

Do I recommend it ?
 Definitely ! This is my second bottle ! It cost 14.05 pounds (16.46 euro / 22,62 dollars) at lookfantastic but is also available at sephora.

So have you tried it ? 
Have you tried any Aveda products ?

I'm neither affiliated with the brands and websites mentioned nor paid by them 


  1. One of my best friends is a huge fan of the Aveda products. I haven't tried any yet but your review is very interesting, I'll keep it in mind :)

  2. oh you will love them! their guilt free and also organic company ;)


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