Dec 31, 2011

Beauty Favorites of 2011

   Hello! I am so excited for new year! 
I wanted to share with you some of my most loved beauty products (and a non beauty one) during 2011.
So let's get into it.


1. Simple Vita Day moisturizer: This was my discovery during 2011. It replaced my overpriced and overrated Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Gel. My skin had many dry periods this year and this little guy saved me many times.

2. Apivita Natural Organic Jojoba Oil: I use this oil instead of a night moisturizer and every time i feel my skin dry and dehydrated. After exfoliating my skin with my favorite winter scrub i use a generous amount and massage it on my lifeless cheeks.

3.Darphin Wrinkle Corrector eye cream: This is one of my all time favorites. I've been using it for 1 1/2 years and has improved amazingly my dark circles from staying late every night studying. I use it every night.

4. Simple Revitalizing eye gel: A really affordable roll on eye gel which de-puffs my tired eyes every morning.

Body & Fragrance


My favorite body creams this year are by Korres. Especially the Vanilla Cinnamon body milk with almond oil and the Coconut milk with almond oil body Absolument Absinthe skin perfume:  Love it! It blends with your own skin scent making it irresistible . It is also called the forbidden perfume as it contains essence of cannabis, absinthe and 49 other fragrances.
Makeup and etc

1. 17 BB cream (light) : My favorite BB cream from all that i've tried. It has the most natural finish, controls oil, has spf25 while being soo moisturizing! 

2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation (150 Buff for winter & 180 Beige Sable for summer - Comb/Oily formula). What can i say about this great product? I use it with a flat foundation brush for lighter application. It doesn't break me out, it lasts all night. I love it even if i don't use it on a daily basis.

I have a review about it, it's a full coverage concealer

4. Elf 100 eyeshadow palette: My favorite palette, it's super convenient and has all the colors you could ever wanted! Really natural,neutral tones and crazy bright colors!


5. Eyeko Nude nail polish: Great chic and light peach shade ideal for all year around
6. Korres Grey brown nail polish: Super chic, dark but not that dark nail polish, great for winter.
7. Oriflame Lip Balm : The best lip balm i've ever used.

I hope 2012 will be a better year financially and generally. 2011 wasn't the best year for me, since i lost my dog and i was constantly stressed. Let's hope for the best!

I wish you a happy new year!


Dec 28, 2011

DIY: Mate Yerba

Hello and Merry Christmas to all of you! (who celebrate it at least)
After a quick talk in twitter with Maria, i decided to talk to you about my newest skin discovery!!

This is ... (drums...) Mate Yerba !

A few things about it :

Guayakí Yerba Mate has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate" all in one beverage. Of the six commonly used stimulants in the world: yerba mate, coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa and guarana, yerba mate triumphs as the most balanced, delivering both energy and nutritionYerba mate is the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil where it is consumed 6 to 1 over coffee.   In Argentina, over 90% of the people drink yerba mate with a gourd and bombilla.

Source: guayaki

Personally I am a huge fan of it. I drink it almost everyday instead of coffee with a teaspoon of organic honey. But also, this herb does wonders for the skin! Yes yes ... Not only as a toner but also as a mild exfoliant too!

So all you have to do is make your mate drink as you would normally make any other tea. 
For one cup of mate i use 
1.5 teaspoon of Mate Yerba and hot water  100°C

Just soak a cotton pad or ball in the mate .
Then use it as you would use any other toner.
(avoid the eye area)
This toner is great for all skin types as it removes dirt while moisturizing the skin. You'll see from the first minute that the skin will feel fresh, soft and supple.

So after drinking your mate beverage you don't have to throw it !! (In the middle of that crisis we throw nothing away!) You can take these wet chopped leaves of mate and rub them lightly on your face. Seriously! It works! Leave them on your skin for a few minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Soft soft softneeeesss!

So where to get it? 
USA and UK buyers from your coffee shop/supermarket or amazon
Greek buyers from (i got it from here)

Oh did i mention that Mate Yerba has detoxing and slimming properties while reduces naturally the appetite?

I totally recommend it ! I prefer the Chai Mate though, which is a blend of Mate with cinnamon and other spices. But it's the same thing!

So have you tried Mate Yerba? 
Would you try it ?

Dec 17, 2011

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

  Hello everyone :)

I filmed a video for you! It's a purple/plum eye makeup. Many girls prefer focusing on the lipstick, let's say, wear a bold lipstick with neutral eyes. I prefer sultry eyes with some sparkle      

Products used:

1. Elf 100 Eyeshadow Palette (I am loving it)
2. Dior Eye Show 002 White Light Disco (cream eyeshadow)
3. Elf Concealer in Light (from Concealer/Highlight duo)
4. AVON Spetra lash

Brushes :

1. Elf Shader Brush
2. Elf Contour Brush
3. Sigma E35 blending brush
4. Elf Angled brush

You can check my elf brushes review here
Find my favorite Sigma Brushes here

Happy holidays :D

Dec 1, 2011

Favorites: November

Hello girls !
It's officially December!!! These are the products I've been loving during November!

1. SkinFood Aloe BB Cream(shade 1)
I've been loving this BB Cream for almost a year now. (Review here)

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (01 translucent)
One of my latest discoveries! Mini review: If you have combination or oily skin you have to try this! It makes my face shine-free without primer without making me look cakey!!!Sometime all I use is this over my moisturiser. The paradox about it? I can definitely see some shimmer in there. (yes I'm not crazy see for yourself!) ------------>

3. Elf Powder Brush (flat top) & Elf Contour Brush
Really similar to the famous Sigma F80 Flat top kabuki brush. Works great with liquids and powders. I got 2, one for powder and one for my BB cream. (like my funky brush tails? It's really easy to do! Let me know if you'd like a how-to tutorial)

4. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (light)
Ok I sincerely love this product. It's really great. I know in my review(link here) I wasn't that excited, but now I can definitely work with it. It's truly amazing. I used to find it too cakey and heavy, but now I found the key to make it work. I have to blend it with a fluffy brush NOT WITH FINGERS! So I use it with my Elf contour brush.

5. Bare Minerals Mini Flawless Face Brush (from a try-me kit)
I use it with blusher. Love it! It's soo softy softy!

6. Bourjois Blusher in Rose De Jaspe 95
This blush is a staple. It's ideal for winter! It has a very fine shimmer, perfect for everyday,just for a bit of colour!

7. Simple Face Creams (day&night)
My skin is seriously dry now. I use these two daily and I've seen my skin texture improving!!
They are also super cheap! (Especially now,with that economy, I feel much better after giving up my ridiculously expensive Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser. (review coming up soon to the entire Simple line)

8. Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk : One word: Amazing! The scent? The moisture? It's by far one of the best body milks I've ever used! I got it on sale for 4 euro and has lasted for 2 1/2 months(everyday use).

9. (Non makeup related) Simple diamond stud earrings & Asos Stud Earrings with Animal Foil Inlay
These animal print studs look so flattering with total black outfits.

Do you have any favorites for this month??

Nov 25, 2011

Holiday Giveaway!!! ***CLOSED***



Congratulations! The prizes are already on their way!

Nov 22, 2011

Custom Lingerie is true! Just launched!

Hi everyone! I hope you all have a beautiful week!

Do you remember a previous post about a new website where you can get custom lingerie sets according to your personal taste? (If don't, it's ok here is the link)
Adore me website has officially launched! What you can do? Wanna know more?

"Adore Me is the first lingerie website that offers a personalized selection of bedroom delicates that are hand picked by their stylists. "

1. Create Your 2-Minute Style Profile
2. Receive Your First Selection
3. Choose Your Favorite
4. Build Credits5. Your Monthly Lingerie Showroom: Once you become an official member of Adore Me, your billing information will be kept on file and you will be charged ($39.95 on the sixth day of each month), which includes a credit for one item in your showroom, our stylists, and the benefits of membership. If you don't find anything you want to purchase that month, you can easily opt to skip that month at no cost to you.

6. Skip the Month: You don't have to choose something every month. Just visit your showroom and make sure you skip by (the fifth day of any month), so you won't be charged. There is no limit to the number of months you can skip and you only need to skip once per month. If you choose to skip the month and then change your mind, you can still make a purchase from your showroom. You cannot skip a month by phone or email. If you haven't entered your billing information or your first order, then your credit card will not be charged and you do not need to request to skip.
7. Request Alternate Selections: If you don't see anything you want in your showroom, but want to see more styles, you can request a second selection of lingerie. Just click the link to request alternates in your showroom.

Currently Adore Me only ships in US/Canada for Free! (lucky you US/Canada readers!)
But I believe they will soon start shipping worldwide! (I'll let you know!)

For more visit Adore Me

Nov 13, 2011

Vampire Diaries inspired tutorial (Elena/Katherine)

Hey girls!!
I am sorry I've been away, but I was so sick (I'm still) for the past 2 weeks. I've got a flu and it's torturing me! Yesterday I took the courage and filmed a video tutorial.

It's is inspired by Vampire Diaries characters Elena and Katherine (both are played by Nina Dobrev).
It's like 2 in 1 tutorial. Elena's makeup is subtle and natural, but she always wears false lashes which i didn't have! Katherine's makeup is just like Elena's but darker. 

Products used:

Elf Studio Eyeshadow in Pebble (matte grey/brown color)

Elf 100 Eyeshadow Palette

A 0.99 pounds flat shader brush from ebay

Sigma E35 blending brush

Korres Black Eyeliner pencil

Bourjois Volume Glamour Extra Black mascara

Hope you liked it! 
Are you fans of Vampire Diaries?

Oct 30, 2011

DIY: Chocolate Face Mask (?)

Hello girls! Long time no post ! I hate school ! (when it keeps my away from blogging!)

The weather is getting cooler and cooler (even if today it's a beautiful sunny sunday). I thought it was a great idea to blog about my most recent homemade and super yummyyy face mask!

Have you ever though that dark chocolate is good for the skin? People always used to say that chocolate causes breakouts when you eat it, but how about putting it on your face?

This mask is amazing for these cold months,when we need some extra moisture.
Works amazingly on dry/normal skin but it's good for all skin types.

What you'll need/ Συστατικά :

100gr dark chocolate/ 100γρ κουβερτούρα
230ml (or 1 us cup) milk/ 230ml γάλα
3 tbsp salt/3 κ. γλυκού αλάτι


In a small bowl pour the milk and the salt until it dissolves
Σε ένα μικρό δοχείο βάλτε το γάλα και ρίξτε το αλάτι ώσπου να διαλυθεί.


Melt the chocolate(in Bain-marie or microwave)
Λιώστε τη σοκολάτα είτε με μπεν-μαρί είτε στο φούρνο μικροκυμάτων.


Add the milk and stir well with a whisk until it comes together and looks glossy
Ρίξτε το γάλα και ανακατέψτε καλά ώσπου να γυαλίσει


Wait until it's cool enough-room temperature- and apply on your face. Leave it for 15min and wash with lukewarm water.
Περιμένετε να κρυώσει - σε θερμοκρασία δωματίου- και απλώστε το στο πρόσωπο.
Αφήστε για 15 λεπτά και ξεβγάλτε με χλιαρό νερό.

Would you try this homemade chocolate mask?

-ps Seriously I can't wait for Christmas!!

Oct 7, 2011

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer: A review

Hello girlss!!  This week has been hectic! I am here with a review though...


I'm sure you have seen this concealer, everyone raves about it! "it's the best concealer!" "it's so long lasting" "it's sooo... soo... etc" After watching youtube gurus swearing about it, i thought to give it a try...

The company claims:

- Ultimate wear concealer conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours.
- Oil free
- Transfer proof and water resistant for full and long lasting coverage
- Provides beautiful, shine-free, blemish-free skin for every waking hour

  • Colors : It's available in 4 shades. #1 Fair #2 Light #3 Medium #4 Deep - warning- yellow tones! My shade is #2 and it's a very good match to a NC20
  • Coverage : Great! This is FULL coverage concealer! It's quite thick, but easy to blend. 
  • Price : 5.99 pounds at Boots/Superdrug or ebay 


I think it's a great concealer for its price. Though it's overrated. It covers amazingly spots/blemishes but under the eyes is just too thick and cakey. 

Updated opinion

Now i've been really enjoying this concealer for the under eye area. The key to avoid cake-like skin is to apply it with a fluffy brush,this way it looks nicer. Also I don't set it with powder.

Kisses, Anastasia

Oct 1, 2011

3 minute Fall Makeup Tutorial

This is my first makeup tutorial! The quality isn't that good because the camera was out of battery, so this is my macbook's webcam quality...

Products used :

1. Elf Mineral Primer
2. Elf studio cream eyeshadow in Bronzed
3. Avon 8in1 pallete in Neutral Tones (the gold/bronze shade)  Check swatches here
4. Very me eyeliner in Mocha Loca
5. Elf eye widener
6. Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara in Black

Brushes :

1. Sephora flat shader brush
2. Sigma E45 Blending brush

Get SIGMA brushes here :


What's your fall makeup ? Do you go for warmer colours?

Sep 28, 2011

NYX Powder Blush Angel : A review

Hello girls! I'm here to talk to you about my FAVORITE blush for the past 2 months!
This is...

NYX powder blush in Angel

Color ?
The color is kind of a weirdo... when i look at it, is a very light peachy pink color (everyone describes it like that :P). There is some shimmer too, but very minimal and discreet

Pigmentation ?
This blush is very pigmented but sheer at the same time. On fair/light girls looks very natural , while on darker skin tones it would be a great highlighter!


(sun light)

(this swatch is really correct!)

      left: heavy application          right: light application

(no foundation no concealer no powder - on bare skin)

This is an extremely versatile blusher. It can be used lightly for an everyday polished look or you can build it up a bit for more intense color pay off. I absolutely love the finish it gives. 


1. Beautiful flattering everyday color.
2. Subtle shimmer - doent's show on the skin
 (looks more like a satin finish)
3. Affordable! Retails from 4-6 $ or on ebay (favorite seller)

1. A bit powdery, but it doesn't bother me for the price!

Do you have this blush ? Do you like NYX blushers?

Sep 24, 2011

Giveaway from Pixics

Good morning girls! I have interesting giveaway news this Saturday ! is an online indie fashion shop holding a really interesting giveaway! I thought that you HAD to know about it!

The first prize is this gorgeous MAC Hello Kitty Pallete.

In order to win it, you have to go to their giveaway page
and fill the form.

  • Enter your name and email address
  • Share their giveaway to your Facebook page
  • Like Pixics Facebook page and leave a comment about your favorite Pixics product on their Facebook wall. 

Also there are two more mystery prizes for the 2nd and 3rd winner! 

I already entered! 

Καλημέρα κορίτσια!! Έχω ενδιαφέροντα νέα!! Πήρε το μάτι μου πρόσφατα ένα giveaway από το , ένα indie μαγαζί στο ίντερνετ για την παλέτα της MAC Hello Kitty ! Φαίνεται ενδιαφέρον δώρο και θεώρησα ότι έπρεπε να το δημοσιεύσω! Για να την κερδίσετε χρειάζεται απλά να κάνετε τα εξής :

1. Να πάτε στο site τους και να βάλετε στη ειδική φόρμα όνομα και email .

2. Να δημοσιεύσετε στο Facebook το διαγωνισμό τους.

3. Να κάνετε like στο Facebook τη σελίδα τους και να γράψετε στο wall τους ποιο από τα προιόντα τους σας αρέσει! (Απλά μπείτε στο site και δείτε κάποιο από αυτά! Έχουν διάφορα ρούχα, t-shirts, μανό και αξεσουάρ) 

Αυτά για σήμερα! 
Πώς σας φαίνεται αυτός ο διαγωνισμός; Θα συμμετάσχετε; 

This is it for today! 
What do you think about this contest/giveaways ? Are you about to enter? 

Sep 19, 2011

How are you Barry M ? Peachy...

I know it's been a long time no see (no post!), but while doing latin (i know...) i was playing around (only for a few seconds) with the latest addition to my nail polish collection!

Barry M Nail Paint - Peach Melba

I know it's not the ideal colour for fall, but i like it, just because it's not fall yet! The weather is still hot and steamy here! Besides, many girls prefer a more "neutral" and "minimal"manicure even in the winter.

It's my first Barry M nail paint!

Color : Peach/pinky-peach/ slightly on the neon side of orange/peach. (i think you got it :P)

Things I like about this

1. Great color , totally opaque in just 2 coats!
2. Nice sturdy packaging.
3. Lasts about 3-4 days ? without a top coat.
4. Quite cheap -  2.50 pounds

Things I don't like (or not so sure about)

1. Thin applicator, slightly streaky (or tricky) to apply
2. After the second coat, it gets a bit.. bubbly on top ?

WARNING ! Tiny nails , i'm getting through my nail biting addiction. 

So... let the pictures talk for themselves!

(tiny applicator - latin on the background)

So are you fan of Barry M nail paints? Have you tried them ?
Do you recommend any colors ?